Melbourne based singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Bitto last month released his new EP An Incorruptible Dream.

Spectoral has unleashed six songs onto the public for their listening pleasure, leading with a strong start, single ‘Movin’ on’.

In ‘Movin’ On’, Spectoral sings of his friend’s unrequited love with a married man. Coupled with an interesting flow of synth and percussion, this is one you’ll listen to over again.

An Incorruptible Dream showcases a unique range of vocal talents, specifically in ‘Open the :ight’, which will leave you wanting more.

Musically speaking, you can hear the definitive influences of pop and electronic pulses that ebb and flow through the tracks, linking one to another.

Working with an army of talent backing him up (think Alius, Robin Waters and the Sydney studio Hercules who brought you Flume), Spectoral has only just begun to flex his musical muscles.

With some definitive nods and features on Triple J and Spotify, sounding almost like an indie story, these tracks are laid in a way that will make you want to listen, time and time again.

By Kirra Hussey