Ontroerend Goed’s immersive production of £¥€$ (Lies) depicts a fascinating, yet grim view on the house of cards that is the global economy.

Featuring a cast of performers from Belgium and Hong Kong Lies blurs the lines between performance and political commentary by simulating, on a small scale, the globalisation of the economy into complete financial crisis.

The audience is separated across tables that work together as “banks”. Before long, we are required to thing bigger than just standard banking and we begin trading bonds with other tables. This then opens up to much larger wheeling and dealing where fake money is created until the whole system crashes.

With everyone in the audience (who are also the production itself) living well beyond their means, a sense of dread sinks in when we realise we are in deeper than we can manage.

The cast run around frantically and this frenetic energy is when the performers are at their absolute best; it is contagious and we all feel the rush.

£¥€$ (Lies) is an excellent, albeit it confronting realisation of how fragile an economy can be and how easily we live larger than we can afford to.

5 stars

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