Miss Revolutionary Idol Beserker returned to OzAsia for round two with their latest show Totes Adorbs ❤ Hurricane which opened at Nexus Arts on Wednesday 23rd October.

Totes Adorbs ❤ Hurricane is an attack on the senses. As you enter venue you are asked to get a rain poncho and take off your shoes and socks. The host of the night welcomes everybody in to the venue one by one, explaining to keep your rain hoods on and phones away, as things are going to get wet and messy. A necessary warning in hindsight.

The 25 performers enter the room screaming at the audience with music playing at ear piercing volume through the speakers. Strobe lights blaze, confetti falls from the sky, tofu slaps you in the face and water is poured onto the audience as all your senses are forced to full attention.

No one in the audience has any idea what’s going on and can’t decide where to look with so much going on. Costumes are changed and synchronised dances are delivered to 50 songs remixed into a never ending assault. 

After a non-stop 45 minutes which flew by seeming like 15 minutes, the audience leaves the venue exhausted, wet and covered in a mix of tofu, confetti and glitter, but they couldn’t be happier.

Totes Adorbs is a show you can’t take your eyes off even if you tried.

The show runs at Nexus Arts until Sunday Oct 27 – get your tickets HERE