Adelaide indie-pop band Venice Queens has released their new single ‘Royalty’, capturing an abstract take on our western world’s current political leaders.

Periods. Every woman experiences them usually from around 12 years old up until their 50s. A natural part of being a woman; you would think tampons, pads and menstrual cups would be seen as an essential item; accessible to every woman. Yet, these sanitary items are so often not accessible to women across South Australia and beyond.

If you have strolled down bustling Rundle Mall in the past two years, there’s no doubt you would have come across That Coffee Guy. Identified by his bright red Piaggio Apé, warm and neighbourly attitude, and heavenly coffee, Yiannis Stamos served everything from cappuccinos to cupcakes from his beloved coffee cart to the community of Rundle Mall for 18 months. But in December 2019, Rundle Mall’s favourite barista packed up his coffee cart one last time for a bit of a sea change, literally.