Tuesday night I went to ‘my local’ (cinema that is, not pub), Hoyts Tea Tree Plaza (I don’t know how I’m not on a first name basis with the staff there yet!), this time to see The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the second movie in the series, with the original movie The Maze Runner coming out this time last year, and these films are based on a series of teen novels of the same name. (NB: I haven’t read the novels)

maze runnerI quite enjoyed last year’s film – yes, another post-apocalyptic piece with the heroes being a bunch of teens, but I really liked the mystery involved in this premise. Why the Maze? Why were all their memories wiped? What are the Reavers? Different enough from other similar films that it captured my interest.

Thankfully, all the main cast have returned for this second film, ensuring that continuity and connection with the characters. As for the plot? The movie begins almost immediately after the end of the first film, so if you haven’t seen the first film, I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie – it may not make a lot of sense. The storyline and tone of this film changes a lot from the first film too – I felt it lost of lot of the ‘mystery’ of the first film, and turned into a more standard post-apocalyptic actioner (complete with zombies).

The storyline in this film also explains a lot about what happened to the world to cause the apocalypse, and the zombies, and the reasons for the teens being the heroes (still didn’t explain a couple of things though!). And a couple of the ‘twists’ were quite predictable, which was disappointing.

However, I felt that given the change in direction of this film from the first one, other films in this genre have done it better (The Hunger Games series and the Insurgent series). I saw elements of the 70s classic Logan’s Run. The Resident Evil films did both the evil corporation running the show, and all the zombies, better. This film almost seems like a knock-off of all those other films.

So this movie series still has my interest, and I need to see how it ends now. Hopefully one more film to wrap up the trilogy, which for me would be the way to go.

3 stars for the movie (a pass) + 0.5 stars for a film series I’m invested in = 3.5 stars.

By David Emms

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David Emms is an electronic engineer, a father, and an avid movie goer.

He lives in Adelaide.