An engaging monologue on the overlooked and cumbersome orchestral instrument and the people who play it.


Disney’s latest delve into the archives brings to the screen the picture real adaption of The Lion King… Bring your tissues, that no worries attitude and enjoy this honestly marvellous remake of the Disney classic when it hits cinemas around Australia from July 19.

AltFest is a very welcome addition to Adelaide’s live music landscape. At a time when many performance venues are closing their doors, the organisers of this new mini-festival should be applauded for investing in original live music, including Woodville City Council for opening the doors of its town hall for the event.

This is a story of redemption, and the value one attributes to family. The reality is that Rose-Lynn is largely unlikable during the piece. Perhaps the mark of a talented actress in Buckley, we get frustrated by her behaviours, and ultimately don’t necessarily want her to succeed in her quest for country music stardom. That being said, it is worth persevering with Wild Rose, because the last fifteen minutes fills you with a sense of satisfaction.