Having just wrapped their Landscapes single tour, one of Australia’s most dedicated touring bands The Getaway Plan is heading back our way.

Taking an extended tour of the country with new album Dark Horses, the four-piece will play Fowler’s Live on Saturday November 28.

Formed in 2004, The Getaway Plan, now consisting of Matthew Wright (lead vocals/piano/rhythm guitar), Clint Ellis (lead guitar), Mike Maio (bass) and Dan Maio (drums) have avoided record labels to bring us what could well be their best offering yet.

Dark Horses is the first TGP album to be fully written and recorded in Australia, and frontman Matthew Wright says being independent has both helped and hindered the band, but has mostly just created a great record.

“It’s helped us in countless ways. As far as being a hindrance goes, I think that would be just the amount of work we’ve had to put in. We didn’t quite anticipate the amount of work that goes into getting a record on the shelves, but in hindsight, it’s all worth it and far more gratifying for us knowing we were responsible for it,” he says.

“We’ve always been very protective of songwriting, even when we were with a record label. It was always very clear all musical decisions would be our own, but the direct pressure of fans having invested into the project through the Pledge Campaign creates the best kind of pressure a band could ask for. We had to deliver the best record we possibly could and I think we did that.”

Dark Horses has debuted #1 on the Air Charts and #10 on the ARIA album charts making it the band’s highest ever ARIA debut and their first entry into the ARIA top ten.

To celebrate, The Getaway Plan are taking their time with this tour and making sure they get out and explore the cities and towns they’d normally fly through on their way to the next.

GetawayPlan “We organised the tour so we’d have the time to chill out and do a bit of touring,” Matthew says. “With the two new members in the band, they are way more inspired to get out than we are, so it’s kind of nice having them around to kick us in the arse and get us out. It’s been really, really lovely.

“We’ve got to play a lot of places that we haven’t been before. It’s a really good experience for us. We’ve been doing a lot of exploring, which we don’t usually get to do. After ten years of touring, we’re seeing a lot of places we haven’t seen, even though we’ve been there.”

While the guys are playing a couple of nights in other locations, they are only playing one date in Adelaide but Matthew says that’s not due to a lack of love on their part.

“As far as South Australia goes, Adelaide is really the only viable place we can play. We used to do shows in Loxton but I don’t think we’re doing those anymore. They were really good shows though,” he says.

“We love Adelaide. We absolutely love it. Whenever we tour, we try to fit it in. I know a lot of bands miss it, but we have a really strong, dedicated fan base out there that have stuck with us for ten years. Adelaide’s always been a really exciting place to play and Fowler’s is a solid venue.”

And Matthew promises the shows will be a mix of old and new stuff to appease both long-term and new fans.

“We’re trying to keep it as balanced as we can this tour,” he says, earnestly. “When we came out with Requiem, our last record, we went really hard with new stuff and that kind of pissed a few people off, understandably. So this time we’re playing as much new stuff as we can while still keeping it fresh.”

A sense of humble maturity is reflected in Matthew’s voice as he describes the achievement of getting Dark Horses out, as well as the learning curve the past few years have been for the hardworking band.

“There’s a lot of shit that’s been going on behind the scenes people would have no idea about; a lot of learning experiences and things that would usually break a band up, but this album is a triumph over that for us,” he says.

“The advice I’d give to any young bands is: learn from your mistakes, rather than try to push the blame of onto someone else. It’s important someone takes responsibility or everyone takes responsibility, and move on from that and better yourself in the future from it. That was a big problem for us; we used to shift the blame onto our manager all the time when we weren’t putting in any work ourselves. It’s a lot easier to blame people than to learn from shit.”

“And don’t break up! Just go on hiatus, it’s much easier!” he laughs.

The Getaway Plan will play Fowler’s Live November 28 with tickets through Oztix.

You can also check out the band’s latest video clip below:

By Libby Parker

Picture courtesy of Twitter @thegetawayplan