It’s hard enough to carve out a living in the music industry these days; so when an airline loses thousands of dollars worth of equipment and merchandise while you’re on tour, that really has to hurt.

Australian rockers Dallas Frasca are punching well above their weight, developing a strong following, both here and abroad, through sheer hard work and a relentless touring schedule. But having arrived in Paris earlier in the week via Etihad Airlines to start an important tour, the trio found themselves without luggage valued at over $4000.

Drummer, Josh Eales was missing his snare and cymbal, while a heap of band merchandise also failed to arrive.

Making matters worse, with a gig that night, the band were forced to borrow and beg for equipment just to be able to play, and also missed out on valuable merch revenue.

Dallas_trolley“We borrowed and bought bits and pieces to make the gig work tonight but not sure what to do for the rest of the tour,” Dallas explained via social media. “There is no way we could ever replace some of these loved items and no way we could afford to find alternatives in such a short amount of time.”

Now a number of days have passed and the baggage is still missing, despite claims from Etihad that everything is being done to locate and return it. And the band are understandably frustrated.

“Four days in and no news from Etihad Airways about our $4000 worth of lost gear and merch! We think Etihad should replace the missing gear and cover the costs from loss of merch sales ASAP.”

More than ever, touring is the lifeblood of the music industry and represents significant business for airlines. Yet stories like this where equipment is lost or damaged are all too common.

Let’s hope this can be resolved very soon so the band can be free to get on with what they do best.

Written by Matthew Trainor