Adelaide singer-songwriter Kylie Brice has released her debut EP Broken and Beautiful, which tells the story of her journey through her anxiety disorder, depression and recovery, through folky acoustic guitar ballads.

The EP starts off gradually with the harmonious ‘Fly with Me’. The instrumental 13151970_10153873245808283_207740751206830211_ncombination of the Robin Lewis’ guitar and David Kitterringham’s bass complements Kylie and Jessica Goodluck’s vocal duet for a great introduction.

‘Who Am I?’ picks up the tempo with a jazzy bass line and upbeat chorus with hints of flamenco inspirations. This smoothly transitions into the highlight of the album ‘Recharge’. ‘Recharge’ brings in the strong accompaniment of Hannah Yates on the Cello adding an emotional partnership to Kylie’s vocals.

‘Song for the Weary’ has a moody, haunting aura with a slow paced build into a full instrumental chorus, showing the band’s skills at their best as they come together to form a tight knit unit.

The final song ‘Journey To Myself’ ends the EP’s narrative on a perfect note as Kylie reflects on her previous life and journey to her current self.

The EP is an easy listen with a slow building, relatable narrative that forms a connection with the listener in a short space of time. Kylie gives a transparent and deeply personal insight into her struggles. The honest storytelling throughout Broken and Beautiful adds a layer of admiration and inspiration to these songs.

The full band creates an astonishing simplistic instrumental sound that directs attention to the focal point of Kylie’s lyrics and vocals, while still managing to add so much emotion and delight without intruding on the story.

Broken and Beautiful is an emotional journey with a perfect pairing of a full band to complement Kylie’s poetic story.

You can listen and purchase ‘Broken and Beautiful’ HERE

4 stars

Reviewed by Thomas Jackson