5-piece Thrash Metal act Imminent Psychosis has recently released their 4th LP, Burying The Masters.

 The album begins with the words “This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence”. The extreme violence kicks in straight away with a fast paced thrash metal riff reminiscent to Slayer’sAngel Of Death’.

Lead singer Troy has an impressively expansive vocal range, one moment using growling Viking battle chants similar to Amon Amarth to the next minute perfecting high screams mirroring Slayer’s Tom Araya.

13244209_1721673298050318_6411830413303060974_oThe album is a fast paced, thrash metal hit that will leave you banging your head throughout. Songs like ‘The Final Embrace’ have a blend of slow melodic guitar progressions that help break, and then build, to the madness.

The drumming throughout the album is thrash 101 with an extra kick for good measure; this adds an extra layer giving an 80s thrash sound with a modern metal twist. ‘Closer To The Grave’ highlights this extra layer of evolution with a clunky harmonious bass jam right towards the end.

The album focuses on themes of death and battle, combined with fast paced guitar sounds and aggressive drumming you feel taken into this haunted world similar to the album cover art.

As a whole the nine song album, Burying The Masters, is very much a tribute to the 80s pioneers of thrash, however Imminent Psychosis have somehow managed to give it an extra kick and brought it to the modern age, giving a mix of nostalgia and new, while still staying true to its origins.

For fans of Slayer, Anthrax, Sepultura and Pantera

Listen and purchase Burying The Masters HERE

 Reviewed by Thomas Jackson