American deathcore band Suicide Silence will be touring Australia nationally and will perform in Adelaide at Fowlers Live on September 8th.

2014’s You Can’t Stop Me is Suicide Silence’s fourth album since their formation in 2002, however it is their first album since the unexpected passing of original vocalist Mitch Lucker. The band has channeled their grief, anger and overwhelming despair into a work of art.

Australian’s last saw Suicide Silence at Soundwave 2014 as they made their live debut with Hernan “Eddie” Hermida on vocals. Lead guitarist Mark Heylmun said the band’s choice to continue was well received by fans in Australia.

“It was pretty amazing, the fans were super responsive, the shows were killer and we’ve been riding that wave ever since, continuing to play kick ass shows and just keeping it rolling. We’re all really pumped to come back” he says.

The band has not toured Australia since the release of 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me and Mark is excited to play the latest material in Australia for the first time in a headlining setting instead of a festival.

“I like headlining and just taking our time and having a good set. Not having to squeeze in forty-five minutes or an hour. We can just go up there, know we’re headlining and do whatever the fuck we want”.

Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me with new vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida

While they’ve toured all over the world Mark’s looking forward to returning to Australia.

“In Australia it’s kind of like Friday every night for a week and then we’re out. Every time we’ve been there it’s just an amazing package, it sounds so stupid but it’s like California all over the country, everyone’s really laid back, it’s just a really good place. Everyone says “no worries”. There’s not even like a president now I don’t think?” Mark laughs.

After briefly explaining Australia’s current political difficulties and how there has been four prime ministers (not presidents) in the past five years he couldn’t believe it.

“That’s so cool dude, I respect that, we should kick our president’s out more often. I feel like American’s are just scared and nominate the president again because they fear change, so if like everybody goes for two terms or four years no one ever gets kicked out of office”.

I guess that’s a refreshing way to look at the current situation

After two years of grief Suicide Silence made the tough decision to continue as a band and write new material. The album title You Can’t Stop Me is taken from lyrics Mitch left in an old notebook in preparation for the next recording process.

“Mitch passed right before what would have been our fourth record You Can’t Stop Me, the first record with Eddie. I really feel like we took what energy Mitch left us with as far as our plans and what we wanted to do on all the records”.

Suicide Silence is now in the process of recording their fifth album, although they can’t say much now Mark says it’s going to be very different.

“We’ve been through a massive spot where we needed to prove ourselves and we needed to appease our listeners because we’re going to continue on without Mitch and move on with Eddie. There was this pressure on Eddie and us and everybody to maintain and allow a transition to happen and to be smooth. Now this pressure is gone, everybody knows we can still rip and we’re a good fucking band. So this one was just no holds barred and forget what the fuck Suicide Silence is and really let go and give ourselves to it, we lost our fucking minds”.

When asked if there were many changes Eddie brings to the recording process compared to Mitch, Mark said the main difference is a lifestyle choice.

“With Eddie we’re definitely not drinking as much and putting down as many substances, we’re having a clear head and encouraging each other to write bad ass shit”.


Suicide Silence – Disengage with the late front man Mitch Lucker

The band is currently recording with producer Ross Robinson who worked on classic Slipknot and Korn albums. His impressive resume and influence has really impacted the band in the studio to the point where Mark considers him one of the same.

“He’s a guru dude, he’s a rad friend and a lover of music, and somebody who can get it down and be in the room. He’s done so much badass shit he still has the love for the music and appreciation for whatever it is you’re doing. If he wants to record with you, he kind of wants to be in your band, he wouldn’t record a band if he didn’t want to play in that band. He gets involved, he’s one of us, it’s one of those things where you meet somebody and you’re like, god damn dude, we’re one of the same”.

The next Suicide Silence album won’t be out till next year at this rate, however, there is a chance Australian’s will get to see new music in September, but it might be planned very last minute.

“We don’t even have a set list for the tour we’re about to embark on next week, we’re going to meet tomorrow to discuss it”.

Suicide Silence will perform at Fowlers Live on September 8th. You can book your tickets HERE.

By Thomas Jackson