Can I just start by saying, it never ceases to amaze me, the amount of drive and creativity that some young adults are able to effectively harness. If you have ever had doubts about whether you wasted your teenage years, do not listen to this EP (but actually do), because you will feel like a disaster in comparison to the talented 5-piece, Adelaide group, Attila My Honey.

This is a great EP; it’s experimental, striking and beautiful. Like all great EP’s, Wahoo leaves you feeling starved for any other potential material this band are probably quietly sitting on.

Wahoo opens with cheekily named ‘Radio Song’; the rich harmonies on this track are haunting and emotionally stirring. The tonal variation among the singers is balanced across the entire EP and this works in their favour to flesh-out their distinctive style.

Now, you might think you don’t speak French, but by the end of the, charming and playful, ‘French Song’, you’ll be singing along like a seasoned francophone. N.B. Please do not try to resist the urge to dance to this song – you will injure yourself.

Self-proclaimed “Rag-Tag” band, Atilla My Honey take a risk by likening themselves to Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but by the end of this EP I’m feeling like this is a marginally over zealous, but justified comparison – being that each of these bands are comprised of musicians that are lucky enough to be able to share roles within the band and also collaborate effortlessly, which creates an improvised sound.

Closing with the track ‘That Is The Prize (The Cure)’, it could be said that, Atilla My Honey, can add Mercury Rev to their list of influences and inspirations.

While you try to forget about how pitiful your life was when you were their age, make sure you watch this band, perhaps being a part of their already enviable sized fan base will make you feel more relevant.

4 stars

Listen on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Lauren McAleer