LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado

American rock band Pierce The Veil are set to return to Australia for the first time since Soundwave 2013. The band will be doing their first ever headlining tour in Australia with their new album Misadventures, accompanied by Silverstein, Beartooth and Storm The Sky.

The tour will hit Adelaide on August 18th at Thebarton Theatre and Pierce The Veil bassist Jaime Preciado couldn’t be happier to finally get back to Australia for a headlining performance.

“I mean finally, right? We’ve been dreaming about this forever; it’s finally going to happen. I’m so stoked. I think just for us it’s an opportunity to play the new songs. We’ve got a new record out and it’s been a crazy process to get it finished, hence the name Misadventures. We finally got it done, and we’re just so anxious and excited to play these new songs live for people who haven’t seen us in three years,” he says.

“That for us is something really special, and I think the show is going to be as big and as gnarly as we can possibly make it. You know, seeing as we’re travelling 5,000 miles or whatever to get over there. We’re going to give them something to remember.”

The last time Pierce The Veil was in Australia was for Soundwave 2013 performing on arguably the biggest festival lineup Australia has ever seen. Pierce The Veil were touring in support of their album Collide With The Sky that has sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide and earned a Gold single for the track ‘King For A Day’The band performed their set on a separate stage at the same time as festival headliners Metallica.

“At that time we were almost bummed because we wanted to watch Metallica. That’s the reaction we had: ‘Aw man, I wanted to watch Metallica tonight, but we have to play a show instead!’,” Jaime laughs.

“You go into it thinking like that, but the moment you step onto your stage and you have kids there that are ready to listen to you, you go “f*ck Metallica, let’s have a great night!’ So you get the selfishness and then you see the kids who are there, and you have a great time.”

Pierce The Veil conquered the challenge of going up against Metallica with a massive turnout of fans at their performances. The band faced another challenge when in Perth their set was cut short after two songs.

“It was another one of those moments where you kind of have to suck it up and say, ‘you know what, we’ll be back’. We got two songs into it and there were kids as far as I could see that were so mad. We still never got a legit reason why and what happened that night. I think the damage was done as soon as we stopped and got off the stage. And we were like ‘what’s happening?’ So anybody at that show will hopefully come to one of these shows and we can relive that night and really make it count,” Jaime says.

Supporting Pierce The Veil on their Australian tour are Silverstein, Beartooth and Storm The Sky. This line-up is one of the best billed upcoming shows that Australian fans have to look forward to. Luckily we have timing to thank for the stacked show.

“I think the way it worked out was they [Silverstein] were trying to do a tour as well.  I think we got on the phone with them and we went, ‘hey, you know it would be a bummer if we were both playing two separate tours that were in the same city. Let’s combine it and have one super gnarly show and we’ll have a great time’. For us it’s not politics, we’re all friends, so it was like, ‘I want to hang out with you every night so let’s make it happen’,” Jaime says.

“I think it goes to show the more and more you tour, you meet real people that you really enjoy being around and at the end of the day being able to play a show and have kids that are there to see you play makes it worth it at the end of it. And of course Storm The Sky are hometown boys.”

Any Pierce The Veil fan will tell you they’ve been waiting for Misadventures for a long time. The band announced they would be recording their next album back in 2013. The album took longer than expected and was only just released in May this year.

“We had two or three months to finish this album and you know month two and a half we weren’t happy with what we had. So every deadline we kept pushing back and everything got pushed back,” Jaime explains.

“We were in this weird rut, whether it was not having the songs mean enough yet, or having to write a couple of songs from scratch, we definitely had a lot of detours along the way. When the music was almost done then it came lyrics. Lyrics were another thing that our singer Vic takes very personally and it’s hard to really create something he wants to sing about and we want to play about. And I think that was another reason why it got held up and all those little things that happen that shape the record and how it sounds and how certain songs are way different than other songs because it was written across a huge span of time”.

But despite how long Misadventures took to make, Jaime says  he and the band are pleased with the outcome.

“We’re so happy it’s finally done we feel like new men, we’re born again and we can finally show these songs. The amount of support from our fans kept us going the entire time.  God, kids are so ferocious we can’t even talk about our dogs or our friends without people saying, ‘where’s the new record, where’s the new record?’. I thought about that and said, ‘You know what? I would much rather have that problem than them not asking for the new record’. So thanks to the fans for getting on our back but also having our back,” he says.

The latest single ‘Circles’ paints a picture of perseverance amongst friends in the face of the Bataclan Massacre—touting the band’s most unifying sing-along yet.

“I think that the event and any other event like that affects everyone. When we heard the news it kind of just floored us and stopped time for a little bit for all of us. We’re musicians and we’ve played that venue before, and we’re in that business where we play shows every night and we’re a touring band just like a lot of our friends who are in touring bands,” Jamie says.

“We understood the gravity of the situation so we try to make a positive spin on it. It’s not about that exactly but more about the fans of the show and friends having each other’s backs, trying to be positive about the whole thing and trying to help each other out in a very human way. That was our kind of take on it and it represents that in the song and the whole vibe of our band, people helping people. That was the kind of message we wanted to convey.”

Pierce The Veil returned to producer Dan Korneff for the second time to record Misadventures. This is the first time the band has returned to a producer for two albums.

“Well he was the reason behind Collide With The Sky, our third record that we did. He really had our backs from the beginning of that record. We really learnt a lot about our band and our sound and he was the guy who kept us focused and kept us on track. We always kind of say to everyone that he is literally the dream producer, he’s the dream maker; he’s the guy you want on your team, he’s the MVP, he’s the guy that if you want something, he’s going to literally bend over backwards to make it happen!” Jaime praises.

“There’s no ego. He’s so super passionate about what he does, so anything he does for you, or with you, it’s literally like ‘let’s make it perfect, let’s make it the way you want, let’s make this exactly how you want it, or bust’. I think that’s another reason why he kind of got in our heads and we can’t put out songs that we think are okay. Let’s take the time and put out stuff that we know we’re going to love five years from now. That was the biggest kind of thing that we got, he’s really good at making you hit that goal, finishing it out in that way. I’m sure we got a lot of people upset along the way. Whether it was managers or labels or whatever, but like I said before, we’re happy that it’s done and I’m sure everyone is too.”

Pierce The Veil has been together for around 10 years now and looking back, Jaime highlights the band’s performance at Reading in England as one of the most memorable moments of his career.

“I could make a whole list, there’s been so many goddamn amazing moments. One that really comes to mind is when we got the chance to play Reading and Leeds festival in the UK. That was the first time we got to walk out on one of those ridiculously over sized stages with the ridiculously huge jumbotron screens and 50,000 people in the audience, whether they were there to see us or not it doesn’t matter,” he says.

“The fact that there were bodies in the crowd, ears listening to what we were playing was such a crazy moment for me and I think our band. It was the first time we were like, ‘holy crap!’. We used to see Green Day do something like this or Foo Fighters, you know what I mean? For us to be on that stage having people actually sing a long, even if it was only 100 kids it didn’t matter, it was amazing. I think it’s one of the moments I’ll never forget”.


Pierce The Veil will be performing at Thebarton Theatre on August 18th with Silverstein, Beartooth and Storm The Sky.

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By Thomas Jackson
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