How do you like your rock n roll? Heavy? Dirty? Hairy? If so, King of the North and their latest album, Get Out Of Your World, is for you. The hard hitting act are back on the road again, on what they describe as their biggest tour yet, and are sure to be melting the faces off all 10 countries they plan to gig through, on their extensive, 40 plus show tour over the next  four months.

While King of the North are more notably a hard-gigging, dynamic, stage show band, this album has managed to soak up about as much of the blood, sweat, grit and grime you’d find at any desert rock festival.  This album is heavy enough for the Stoner-Metal fans to get behind, and still accessible enough for the Alternative Rock masses to get at. Fans of Red Fang, Truckfighters and Vista Chino, I’m looking at you.

Opening with the steady paced, Doom-esque guitar driven track, ‘Rise’, King of the North perfectly set the tone of this album. This album deliberately spans multiple genres, and this track is a suitable opener for that reason. I’m struggling to pick all the genres I could list to describe this album.

That said, with listed influences such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Cog, it’s not surprising that this album slots neatly into the Stoner/Desert Rock realm. Cog drummer, Lucias Borich, fittingly appears on the first single off the album, ‘Burn’, which is an unwavering sensory beating; it hits you in the guts and chest over and over and over (cue drooling stoners).

Hardly a flaw, but the vocals on the tracks are very clean, which doesn’t appear to match the dirtiness of parts of the album.  The dirt and grime within this album is achieved through Andrew Higgs and this custom “3 from 1” guitar pedal which creates lead, rhythm and bass from the one guitar. The album was recorded live, and I think the only real flaw here is that it’s so hard to capture that sound and energy on a recording.

The climax of the album, for me, is the track ‘No Stone Left Unturned’; it’s what the album has had you begging for the whole time: unrelenting riffs and heavy drums. Smooth move putting the track towards the end of the album, Higgsy.

For the love of god, go see this band live! It’s a sight to be seen. I think any band of this electrifying, live quality will struggle to put out albums that will do them true justice.

Unsurprisingly, Stoner Rock Lord, John Garcia (Kyuss / Unida / Vista Chino) had this to say about the lads: “An incredibly hard act to follow

***1/2 STARS

Reviewed by Lauren McAleer