Swedish hardcore band Raised Fist are playing in Adelaide on December 7th at Fowlers.

Preparation is always important for any touring band, but for Raised Fist, physical fitness is crucial.

Not that it should be a huge issue for vocalist Alle Hagman who trains and instructs MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“The shows are so energetic and they really kill you, so you have to be prepared for going crazy,” says Hagman.

“It’s not like ‘okay, let’s train so we can do a good show here and there’ it’s more of ‘I need to be in shape or I won’t survive this tour.’”

The tour is to promote their latest album “From the North,” released in October 2015 – their first release in six years.

Their production process is the polar opposite to their chaotic stage performances.

In the studio they aim to avoid putting any deadlines and instead aim for a relaxed environment.

“I sit down, write something and when I feel it’s good I’ll show it to the guys,” says Hagman.

“Sometimes I don’t feel it works and I don’t write that day and then the day after that it still doesn’t work.”

“But then there will be days where you can go 24 hours straight up, so the peaks take out the lows and it averages out. You have to stay relaxed and don’t force it.”

Rather than churning out music, they’ve instead focused on releasing albums when they’re satisfied with the end product.

Avoiding ambitious goals while keeping the focus on their passion for the music itself has been the secret to the band’s long time success.

“I don’t treat it as a computer game where I have to level up or have to overcome certain obstacles.”

“We never had a goal with the band when we started 22 years ago to build anything or write better and better songs.”

“Sometimes you feel as if you want to do the best song ever and you have to keep that away. You don’t want to put any pressure on yourself, just be relaxed.”

Tickets are available for their December 7 show at Fowlers via Moshtix.


By Nutman