Doughnuts are all the rage in our house. Mr. 5 and Mr. 3, like all kids, salivate over any type of doughnutty delight. Chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon doughnuts, hot jam doughnuts, ones with sprinkles, others with cream, and who can forget custard? Give my kids doughnuts and quicker than you can say “can I have some?” they will be gone.

So it was on one sunny Saturday afternoon that the boys and I decided to drive around to some of Adelaide’s more popular bakeries and settle the question: who makes Adelaide’s BEST doughnut?

The first job was to choose our bakeries. North Adelaide’s Bakery on O’Connell was a must, 14182574_268284990231401_592950636_nas was Cafe De Vili’s on Main North Road. The other two bakeries were found on our way home and are pretty popular amongst Adelaidians too. St. George’s Bakehouse on Magill Road was our third choice and we finished off with The Red Mill Bakehouse on Hectorville Road as it is just down the road from our house. Before I start getting complaints about bakeries that missed out, I would have loved to visit Red Door Bakery, Orange Spot and Dulwich Bakery but time constraints, driving around town with two ravenous kids in the car kept me from visiting any more places.

The rules of the doughnut test are simple: Buy four chocolate doughnuts. If there is no plain chocolate we will choose one with sprinkles. The boys will take a bite of each doughnut and give me their opinion on each. I will play the part of the grizzled, old doughnut eater and probably complain that in my day they were cheaper and tasted better.


This doughnut is an absolute MONSTER! If you are ever short of a door stop, this chocolate doughnut with sprinkles is one for you…but it’s better for eating! The boys were fascinated by its magnificent size and wanted to start the testing with this one (because it had sprinkles). Costing only $3.80, it was definitely the value pick and dwarfed all the other doughnuts in size. The chocolate on top of the doughnut shone brightly under the lights as I cut a piece for the boys.

Mr. 5: “Mmmm. I love this one. The sprinkles are definitely the best part!”

Mr.3: After shoving the whole piece in his mouth, “MMMMmmmmm” head nodding followed by thumbs up. I think that means he likes it.

Shane: The icing is way too sweet and does not even taste like chocolate. The doughnut itself is light fluffy and tastes fresh.

128-130 O’Connell St.

North Adelaide, SA 5006


This chocolate doughnut is the most different of the bunch. I was told by server, Sophie, that it is actually baked and not fried, like usual doughnuts. Apparently this Kensington Park bakehouse used to source their doughnuts from Rhineland Bakery but something or other came up and they don’t use them anymore. St. Georges on Magill Road now bake their doughnuts onsite as they don’t have a deep fryer. This method of baking produces an unusually shaped doughnut and definitely a different taste.

Mr. 5: “It’s nice but it doesn’t have sprinkles so it’s not as nice as the first one.”

Mr.3: After shoving the whole piece in his mouth. “MMmmmmm” followed by thumbs up.

Shane: Once again the icing is way too sweet and doesn’t taste like chocolate. The texture of the doughnut is denser and harder to chew, but not in a bad way. It actually tastes more like a finger bun than a doughnut. I quite like it, but this is a doughnut test not a finger bun test.

2/400 Magill Rd, Kensington Park SA 5068 


This chocolate doughnut ($3.50) definitely stands out from the rest because it is so pale. The chocolate does not shine under the lights like the others. Its perfect circular shape puts it on top as the most presentable doughnut on offer today. This is the one that looks more appealing to me as a doughnut taster. The boys are already put off by it because it does not have sprinkles. No matter how much I try to explain that ‘sprinkles don’t make the doughnut’, I am beaten down by, “but it would taste better with sprinkles!”

Mr.5: “It’s fine, but I like the first one the best so far.”

Shane: “Why?”

Mr 5: “Because this one doesn’t have sprinkles, I told you that before!”

Mr.3: I try to tell him to take a small bite and then make a comment but once again he puts the whole piece in his mouth, nods his head, gives me a thumbs and says “MMMmmmm….it nice.”

Shane: Wow! A chocolate doughnut that actually tastes like a chocolate doughnut! The icing is chocolatey and not too sweet. The doughnut is light, fluffy and delicious. I could eat this whole thing in 17 seconds flat, but as I am a somewhat of a professional I compose myself and move on to the final doughnut.

426 Main N Rd, Blair Athol SA 5084 


We are up to the final doughnut of the test and, to be honest, the kids are big on eating and short on reviewing. I maybe should have thought this through better! The final doughnut from Red Mill is almost oval in appearance, has shiny icing on top and has a very rustic, home-made feel about it. The boys are really excited over this one because the sprinkles on top are huge; double the size of sprinkles on other doughnuts. “This is not a sprinkle test guys!” I say, but my comment falls on deaf ears.

Mr 5: “Oh my God! This is definitely the best doughnut. Its sprinkles are huge and it tastes delicious.”

Mr. 3: “It Yum!”

Shane: I don’t want to beat a dead horse…but I will. Icing is terribly sweet and does not taste nice. Doughnut is fantastic, light and fresh; if it had better icing it would be the winner.

25 Hectorville Road, Hectorville, SA 5073



Mr. 5: “I definitely think the first one (Bakery on O’Connell) was the best one!”

Shane: “But I thought you said the last one (Red Mill) was definitely the best?”

Mr.5: “Oh Yeah! Ok I like the last one best (Red Mill) and the first one second best.”

Mr.3: “I like the first one (Bakery on O’Connell) because it is bigger and has sprinkles.”

Shane: I definitely think Cafe De Vili’s has the best tasting chocolate doughnut with the unique taste of St.Georges coming in second. Most of these places need to put more chocolate into their icing and less sugar.

So there you have it folks. Three different judges with three different opinions. We have provided absolutely no help to you trying to find the best doughnut in Adelaide but have had an absolute blast trying it any way. If you have a suggestion on the best doughnut in Adelaide, feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts – the boys and I might even give it a shot….as long as it has sprinkles.

Review: Shane Berketa