Having only attended Nexus Arts Bar once before to witness the very brooding Nai Palm, I already had high expectations for the night’s proceedings when I went to cover Auguste’s gig ,supported by Mio and Mane. Nexus Arts Bar is an exceptional venue situated just off North Terrace, next to Fowlers Live and is especially ideal for acts that are launching a product or showcasing new songs to local audiences. Accompanying the venue is a pristine courtyard and the staff are all friendly and welcoming.

Arriving for Mane, I immediately noticed she was in fine musical company with members of Donnarumma, Thom Lion and the Tamers and Skies as her backing band. Chatting to Paige after her show we both agreed her sound is haunting indie/pop and she throws in some blues over-tones for good measure. A young artist to keep your eye on in the future.

Mio took the stage next to further warm the crowd for Auguste and they accomplished this with their slick, precise production, in my humble opinion what Mio do has international potential. Annie (vocals) is engaging, soulful and has the experience to really command attention with her powerful, melodic voice that transitions beautifully between Mario and Nick who collectively create an anthemic, electronic experience. Think Massive Attack, Brian Eno and you’ll be on the right track.

With two strong support acts like Mane and Mio, what could Auguste dish up to conclude the already, successful evening? It’s been a while since I’ve seen Skye and Beth up on stage since disbanding their previous incarnation Echo and the Empress, so, what they did serve up was quite a spectacular display of harmony vocals, electronica and what the sisters are well known for – writing great songs.

‘Kingdom’, is a hit and ‘Slow Motion’ is massive departure from their former style but also showcases Skye and Beth maturing as song-writers. Auguste are certainly pushing the envelope and it won’t be too long before Auguste is thrust into the ears of many, possibly thousands, but hopefully millions.

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Review by Sean Kemp
Photos by John Goodridge