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You could play Taking Back Sunday’s new album Tidal Wave and you may never guess this was done by the emo, pop-punk band that rose to fame in the early 2000’s.

Tidal Wave takes a complete left turn from the band’s infamous sound from albums such as Tell All Your Friends (2002) and Louder Now (2006). The album gives a similar indie rock/punk sound comparable to The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! and The Clash.

The album begins with the previously released singles ‘Death Wolf’, ‘Tidal Wave’ and ‘You Can’t Look Back’. All of which are classic fast paced rock anthems that set the tone for the rest of the album. ‘Death Wolf’ introduces this new Taking Back Sunday with an alternative rock powerhouse of a song that showcases the new guitars, vocals, and tempo that Tidal Wave delves into. Track two, ‘Tidal Wave’ is a fast paced, energetic song that could easily be mistaken for an Against Me! song. ‘You Can’t Look Back’ has a nostalgic imprint and a nod towards American styled country ballads with a catchy slow build.

‘Fences’ introduces a unique sound with a ballad of a chorus with a slow tempo violin and acoustic guitar. ‘Fences’ transitions smoothly into the album and nicely differs from the first three fast-paced songs. ‘All Excess’ gives a taste of the familiar with a sound reminiscent to the early 2000’s of Taking Back Sunday and a chorus that sounds like it should be on The All American Reject’s When The World Come’s Down (2008). ‘I Felt It Too’ takes a break at the half-way point of the album with a slow tempo duet between guitar and vocals, almost kindred to a Turnover song. The song is beautifully simple with a slow pace that is almost hypnotizing. The lyrics “I know you’re tired, I feel it too” repeat throughout the song, many fans will use this song to lullaby them to sleep at night.

‘Call Come Running’ gives a vocal and one guitar introductory verse, which is for some reason seemingly similar to a Bryan Adams anthem. This moves into another commanding and catchy chorus. The song introduces an experimental and heavily distorted guitar solo that is refreshingly unique and unexpected. This song is an instrumental showcase, which builds to this solo and then a combination of a solid drum beat and smooth bass line. ‘Holy Water’ highlights Adam Lazzara’s new vocal adventures and changes. The song seems to be a bit of a filler and almost feels like an interlude compared to the massive impact the rest of the album has had so far. ‘In The Middle Of It All’ once again dwells back to a more recognizable Taking Back Sunday sound with signature guitar melodies. In the middle of the song, there is some wavy experimentation with vocals, which interject the song’s progression in a distinctive way.

“We Don’t Go In There” starts with a folk sounding acoustic guitar intro with a short haunting lyrical story, which is soon accompanied by the full band. This simple duet between the acoustic guitar and vocals is eerily scenic and could benefit from an extension. The song continues with a full instrumental sound that continues perhaps the strongest thematically lyrical and instrumental combinations on the album. “Homecoming” is another stripped down acoustic piece, which continues the Bryan Adams, country ballad distinctive genre. It’s honestly a weird song coming from Taking Back Sunday; however, it’s lovely and modest with a radio-friendly formula that will appeal to everyone. The album finishes with “I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want”. The song starts with a rewind sound that is the beginning of a gradual narrative that slowly descends towards the end of Tidal Wave. As a standalone this song isn’t anything special, however, it cools down the album perfectly and once again adds slight experimentation. It’s a humble and retiring end matching the surprisingly sound and theme of the entire album.

Overall this was a really enjoyable album. For most of the album, Tidal Wave avoids the familiar Taking Back Sunday branded sound. However, there are throwbacks to this accustom that will keep original fans content. This new direction for Taking Back Sunday is a brave step, which will mostly likely pay off.

Regardless of genre and direction, it can’t be argued that this is an amazing album from a newly inspired and reenergized band. Tidal Wave will reinvent Taking Back Sunday, putting the spotlight back on them, but perhaps dividing fans in the process.

Highlights: You Can’t Look Back, We Don’t Go In There, Call Come Running, I Felt It Too.


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