The legendary Swedish melodic metal band IN FLAMES are set to release their new album Battles next Friday, Nov 11. 

We caught up with guitarist Niclas Engelin to talk about the new album as the band rehearses these new songs into their setlist. 

“We are playing it, we are tweaking it, we are feeling it. It’s a little bit strange, because when you record a song, you write it, you record it, you mix it, you master it and then you leave it for a bit. Then playing the songs live is a very different experience than recording and writing the songs. Which is the beauty of music and being a musician, that’s the challenge, to make the song blend and shine through live as well” Niclas explains.

Battles contains the classic Swedish Metal sound that In Flames are renowned for. On top of this, there is a growth in their sound by adding elements of the current scene. Battles is sure to please die hard In Flames fans and tap into a younger generation.

Long time In Flames fans have already reacted to their polarizing new song ‘The Truth’, some loving it, some hating it.

“To be honest, we’re not ACDC, who are the best band in the world in my opinion. We have to be on the move all the time, experience new terrain and we have to be challenging to ourselves. That reflects on the audience as well because they are really into In Flames. You don’t know what you’re going to get off our new album, it makes it very interesting and this will cause a little bit of a steer when it comes to the online, Youtube Haters or lovers” Niclas laughs.

“That’s the beauty of being in a band and having fans. It’s a reaction! You need a reaction that’s what music is about you need a reaction. So, it’s funny, I think some haters will love the song.”

In Flames worked with producer Howard Benson who has worked across every genre with bands such as My Chemical Romance, Less Than Jake, Papa Roach and Motorhead.

“We worked with Howard Benson, we recorded our album in sunny LA. You can hear on the album it’s easier to get into and a little bit happier than Siren Charms (2014), which we recorded in the darkest moments of Autumn in Berlin. Working with Howard Benson made us focus on more vocal arrangements and get to the hooks in the lyrics and the songs. For example a song like ‘Wallflower’ which is a little bit of a dull, dark song. But you can still feel hope in the song and you can still see the sun in the song.”

The album name Battles expresses the strongest theme behind the album, your everyday battle. Shown through the hands reaching for the skull showing the good and bad.

“It’s quite interesting, I don’t want to dig too deep into it. But your whole life you have these choices, all the time. I mean now for instance, are you going to go for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea? Those are choices, right? You can choose between going to college or start working. All these choices you do everyday, everything from life-changing choices to just ordinary stuff. It’s your everyday battle. It can be positive and it can be very negative, I choose to be very positive because I love life.

Battles is set for release Friday Nov 11.

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