US punk rock activists, Anti-Flag returned to Adelaide on Dec 9 at Adelaide Uni Bar. In a world first, Anti-Flag performed their landmark 2006 album For Blood And Empire in full on its 10th anniversary.


Stabbitha And The Knifey Wifeys were the local openers for the night. The Knifey Wifeys provided funky punk basslines, contagiously energetic drumming and self-described “I only need to tune the top two strings” chunky power chords. Mixed with a unique distorted vocal similar to the vicious vocals of The Distillers, Brody Dalle.

The band bashfully chatted to the crowd throughout their setlist, finding it surreal that they were opening for Anti-Flag. Once the music kicked in the bashfulness subsided as the band were obviously in their element, smashing out their short, unmelodic, punk rock jams.

Stabbitha And The Knifey Wifeys are a local Adelaide band bringing must see, classic punk rock


Punk legend, Scott Reynolds could have been confused as a roadie when he took to the stage with nothing but a bottle of gin and an acoustic guitar. The former All member sang a collection of covers, new originals and a few gems from a backlog of his discography spanning over all his contributions.

Throughout his modest performance, Scott gave a personal and lovable minimalist setlist. He chatted between songs with the eager few who were hanging on the front row, barely playing louder than the anxious crowd  who were waiting for Anti-Flag.

Anti-Flag got up on stage and went straight into For Blood And Empire opener, ‘I’d Tell You But…’. The performance of For Blood And Empire was a world first and Australia was the lucky country that will probably only ever get to see it performed live. This tour saw the live debut of track #3 ‘Emigre’ that had never been performed live before. When we spoke to bassist Chris #2, he thought performing this song live was going to be a challenge, the band must have been practising because they performed the song near to perfect.

Anti-Flag shredded through For Blood And Empire surprisingly quickly. Highlights included ‘The Project For A New American Century’, ‘Cities Burn’ and ‘1 Trillion Dollar$’. After the final song ‘Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime’ the crowd thought the fun was over. However, the band went into an encore of audience requests, fans got to shout out songs to the band, or for the quieter voices they were able to vote online before the show. Bassist Chris #2 dedicated the songs to the people who voted for them, this included ‘Fabled World’ voted by yours truly!

As the band announced their last song ‘Turncoat’, drummer Pat-Thetic set up part of his kit in the crowd as Chris #2 climbed on top, surrounded by the crowd going crazy. After 3 more songs after the ‘final song,’ the band finally left the stage.

Anti-Flag fans can now say they have seen it all. Seeing Anti-Flag’s iconic album For Blood And Empire in full was a once in a lifetime experience that only Australian’s can say they have seen. On top of this, their encore of audience requests totalled to roughly 7 or 8 songs. Anti-Flag went above and beyond what they needed to, if playing For Blood And Empire wasn’t enough, their one and a half hour setlist of hidden gems is an experience the rest of the world should be envious of Anti-Flag’s gift to Australia.

Here’s hoping for a 20th-anniversary tour of For Blood And Empire and a killer new album in 2017.