Aversions Crown bring a strong sense of melody to complement their chaotic base of brutality with the release of Xenocide.

With their second album available tomorrow (Friday 20th), they can already boast about having toured with Soilwork, Thy Art Is Murder, Attila, The Acacia Strain and Parkway Drive.

Guitarist Mick Jeffery says this time around, the Brisbane metal act wanted to focus on strengthening their song writing.

“The focus this time was to try and have more melodic hooks in amongst the brutality, it felt like a more mature song writing process for us,” Jeffrey says.

“Rather than trying to focus on being heavy, technical and brutal, we wanted to try and write songs that people will remember.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to that stuff, but we really wanted songs that we were proud of.”

The current line-up consists of Mark Poida (vocals), Jayden Mason (drums), Chris Cougan and Jeffrey (guitars).

Mason’s drumming has been the fundamental base of the sound with his exceptional technical ability.

However, the guitars add extra weight as Jeffrey and Cougan make use of 8-string guitars to get an extended pitch range that adds lower notes.

8-strings only debuted in the market a decade ago (Meshuggah famously adopting them), but their use is still largely uncharted territory, even in Extreme Metal.

“You really need to be on to what you’re doing with your sound, we’ve tried a lot of different things to try and get the perfect tone,” Jeffrey says.

“It is quite hard at that low frequency to get it audible in the first place, I know some bands keep their bass tuned up.”

“That didn’t have that big low, sound Aversions Crown need, so it (the bass guitar) is tuned down an octave so it is quite low.”

Aversions Crown have seen a lot of success, despite the difficulties of making it big as an extreme metal band in Australia.

“Australia is hard to tour, especially for extreme metal because it’s an underground genre here,” Jeffrey says.

“It’s hard to stop off at every little town and expect people to care about your music so you’re facing hefty drives between capital cities to tour Australia.”

Announcements about Australian shows is expected to be released soon along with the release of the album.

“We’ve definitely got some stuff in Adelaide coming up, it’s not announced yet, but it’s going to be reasonably soon – we’re talking months,” Jeffrey says.

“The album comes out on the 20th of January and we should have some tour announcements coinciding with that.”