Double Feature presented The Rocky Horror Tribute Show at the rundown Venue 63 on Light Square over the weekend.

Each member of the audience were given a pack of props at the start of the night. It contained newspaper, a fake flower, a feather, a lollipop and instructions on when to use them throughout the show.

The back room where the show took place was packed with die-hard fans of Richard O’Brien’s cult hit. From the first song, I realised it was going to be a long night. Not just because the show went for 2.5 hours, but the musicality wasn’t exactly on point. Plagued by technical glitches and poor timing between the band members, altogether it sounded a bit slapdash.

In saying that, the audience and band still had a lot of fun. It had the vibe of a backyard jam at a dress-up party. The dramatic parts of the film played out on screens at the back of the stage and the band performed the musical numbers.

During the screening moments, it was funny to hear the crowd yell scripted dialogue, a tradition upheld since the first screenings of the film in the 1970’s. The audience participation continued throughout the performance as the cast members interacted with the theatre goers. Rocky gave a few lap dances to the squealing women surrounding me and I felt like I had stumbled into someone’s hen’s night.

At the end everyone got up out of their seats to wiggle to “Time Warp” one more time which was followed by a couple of encores.

For better or worse, there were only two performances of Double Feature: The Rocky Horror Tribute Show, both over the weekend.

2.5 stars

By Josh van’t Padje