People were packed like sardines last night to see Matt Byrne Media’s latest original offering My Kitchen Fools. A piss-take on popular reality show My Kitchen Rules, the show also satirised celebrity chefs and the stupidity of Gogglebox.

With a versatile cast of four playing both caricatures of celebrity judges and contestants, we are taken through five courses over two hours with an interval in between.

Writer/Director/Producer Matt Byrne played Gordon Ramraid, a foul-mouthed Brit with ego to burn. Marc Clement was a standout as Jamie Bolivar, an “a-lisp” celebrity chef who flirted with Oprah-famous Rachel RayBans, played by an energetic Stefanie Rossi. Niki Martin rounded out the judging panel as the strumpet with a crumpet, Nigella’s Awesome.

The contestant pairings consisted of outrageous stereotypes – a Greek grandmother and grandson, a Scottish gay couple, Aussie bogan chicks and an uncle and niece hippie duo.

Each course had guest spots from more well-known celebrity chef impersonations, including Poo with a H (which was a bit off considering Poh doesn’t sound Asian), a pheasant clutching Saggy Beer and a spooky, spectacled Heston.

The jokes were mile a minute with more puns than you could poke a breadstick at and the audience roared with laughter throughout. Although a skit where the cast all became French waiters making “fly in my soup” jokes felt unnecessary and probably could have been left out.

When you enter Maxim’s Wine Bar, where the show is held, everyone was asked to fill out a form asking which celebrity they would like to have dinner with and what they would cook them. Audience members were called out with what they had chosen with the cast making improvised gags at the responses.

The audience interaction continued when it came time to choose the top contestants based on their applause.

Overall it was an enjoyable show with a lot of adult humour and definitely “not about the food!”

My Kitchen Fools is showing until March 19. Pick up your tickets here.