Award-winning multi-instrumentalist Adam Page brought a unique children’s performance of his famous instrumental looping to a full afternoon house in the Royal Croquet Club’s Ukiyo.

Adam shared his lovable educational school themed musical with an audience made up of young and old. Using his traditional method of looping sounds, Adam created noises using a combination of clanging on toilet seats, brushing your teeth, audience screams and blowing on bottles, amongst others.

Perhaps the most impressively creative was the make-shift recorder made out of a zucchini with holes drilled into it. Adam’s creative ability to turn anything into a song makes Like It Or Loop it an instrumental masterpiece. Although specifically labelled a children’s show, Like It Or Loop It is captivating for children and adults, never ceasing momentum for the full 60 minutes.

The most entertaining part of the show is when the children in the audience are asked for their full name. Without hesitation, Adam loops their full name into an a cappella song, ranging from classical, rap or rock and roll.

From awe-inspiring to down-right silly, Adam will either have you in hysterics or stunned silence. Adam Page’s shows are a learning experience for anyone of any age interested learning about music. Hilarious, educational and captivating.

5 stars *****