Brother Firetribe certainly have a sound that instantly sticks out, as the Finnish band capture what people love about big, melodic rock.

Their new album Sunbound is out now and continues to draw on their penchant for big rock classics that used to fill the radio airwaves.

The band is serious about it’s music, but vocalist Pekka Ansio Heino says they don’t need to take themselves seriously – it’s all about passion.

“Every time we come up with something for some reason it sounds like that, we never analysed anything, it just comes out naturally,” Pekka says.

“A lot of it does have to do with the fact I grew up listening to that sort of stuff that came out of America in the late 70s early 80s.”

“It’s good to have a bit of tongue in cheek, that’s one of the things missing in rock and metal since it’s so ‘you’re not supposed to smile’ type of attitude.”

The band is comprised of Pekka, Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen (guitar), Jason Flinck (Bass), Tomppa Nikulainen (keyboard) and Hannes Pirila (drums).

“It’s the vibe and mood within the band, ever since we sat down and wrote the first song up until we got the mastered version in our hands,” Pekka says.

“I think we really got lucky with the songs, in our opinion there are no fillers, it’s definitely the strongest of the Brother Firetribe albums so far.”

Emppu, who also plays in iconic Finnish symphonic metal act Nightwish, adds his own dynamic layer with his lead style that prioritises melodic playing before shredding.

“Nightwish is one of the biggest metal bands in the world and I think Emppu has a lot more room in Brother Firetribe to do his thing,” Pekka says.

“I just love the way he comes up with guitar parts, he’s not your typical metal shredder, he’s got his own signature style.”

The name of the band comes from an inside joke about Finnish Tennis player Veli Paloheimo from a drunken friend in a cabin.

“A mutual friend of ours was drunk out of his ass and he passed out while we were at a summer cabin,” Pekka says

“Next day he was still passed out on the floor and everybody was stepping over him while making breakfast, etc.”

“Then all of a sudden he wakes up and says ‘wait a minute… Veli Paloheimo is Brother Firetribe in English!’ Then he passes out again.”

Pekka says the loss of artists like Lemmy, Prince and David Bowie and what they meant to him inspired him to write Indelible Heroes.

“2016 was a tragic year, it hit us pretty hard with all those big, iconic names passing away at such a rapid pace,” Pekka says.

“It got me thinking what those guys brought to the table and in today’s world, it seems impossible for artists to become that big.”

“I didn’t want Indelible Heroes being a tribute or a sappy ballad, I wanted it to be an uplifting song celebrating those guys.”

Listen to them on Spotify or purchase their latest album Sunbound here.

Check out the videos for “Indelible Heroes” and “Taste Of A Champion”



By Nutman
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