Seether’s new album Poison the Parish is out on May 12, with the band showing off their raw introspective aggression they’ve become known for.

Originally founded in South Africa, American John Humphrey (drums) joined Shaun Morgan (vocals/guitar) and Dale Stewart (bass) in 2003.

This time around for Poison the Parish, Morgan took over producing duties, meaning they were solely responsible for the end-product.

“I think Shaun had the weight of the world on his shoulders, as far as being responsible for producing,” John says.

“The band felt really free to do it’s thing, without having to do a take and listen to a so-called ‘producer’ give their input.”

“It’s Shaun, he’s a member of the band, he knows what he wants, he knows how the band truly is and feels.”

The band resides in the US now, but the South African roots gave them the opportunity to build a presence in that region.

“One of the great perks of being in this band is that I’ve had the pleasure of going four or five times there to do shows.”

“It’s a beautiful country and a great place to play, a lot of American bands have never had the experience of playing in that country.”

The creation of Rise Above Fest, now in it’s fifth year, has Seether now eyeing their legacy beyond only producing music.

The music festival aims to raise awareness about suicide and was named after the song written in tribute his brother.

Shaun’s brother committed suicide in 2007, only a few weeks before the release of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.

“Taking this tragedy and trying to turn into a positive, in the sense of supporting those who are suffering and troubled with this.”

“The idea was to put on this festival to raise money and awareness and each year it’s gotten bigger and bigger.”

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By Nutman

Photo supplied.