Award winning Adelaide roots warrior Kelly Brouhaha has announced her new single ‘As Long As There’s A Smile’ set for release on June 23. To celebrate Kelly will be taking the new single on the road throughout June and July.  

We chatted to Kelly about her journey around the country and focusing on the positives in life. New single ‘As Long As There’s A Smile’ is a recovery song for Kelly and has a personal meaning to her.

“It’s about choosing optimism really. That thing of when you go through your shit and you can choose the suffering that goes with it or you can choose to find the positive in it,” Kelly explains.

It’s been almost 3 years since her last release, having left her mortgage and marriage in an effort to find happiness and pursue her love for music. It’s taken Kelly some time to find her way through the depths of divorce, debt and depression and ‘As Long As There’s A Smile’ has been part of this journey.

“I think making that project a reality was the most inspiring part, I’ve kind of come full circle from quitting my job – struggling to make music full-time work – back to day job to make the ends meet then quitting again a second time – but this time have managed to have another crack at the full-time creative thing in a more sustainable way. You know it’s that thing of having that dream and then actually meeting the people you’ve dreamt of working with and working with them as an equal.”

Avoiding the traditional pathway in life has left Kelly with no regrets as she is now more motivated than ever to make becoming a musician full-time work.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I should have gone all in years ago. I’m a much better version of myself when I’m focused on music making and I’ve never really been one for material possessions – living this way with no backup plan just motivates me to work harder and love it harder and it’s put me in the best possible headspace anyone could ask for. There’s no room for negativity and no option to fail – I just have to make it work, and I’m having a blast rising to that challenge.”

 Touring around Australia visiting Adelaide, Victoria and New South Wales, Kelly plans to make the most of her trip, living in her brand new van ‘Pamela Vanderson’ and living a minimal lifestyle with a few cheeky stops to Anytime Fitness for good measure.

“I’m really into the tiny house movement at the moment – challenging myself to live more minimally and to consume less and force myself into living in the moment more. I plan on parking in the Anytime Fitness carparks around the coast and using my $10/wk membership and using their free wi-fi and 24/7 access. I’m most excited to wake up next to the beaches on the coast and enjoying the sun from the comfort and warmth from my doona. I think July was probably a really stupid time to move into Pamela Vanderson full-time but bring on the challenge.”

“There’s this entire community of nomads all over the place and everyone’s really friendly and trusting on the road. I’m excited to meet a bunch of new people and hear their stories, it’s my favourite part about touring. I love how travelling solo allows you to really get to know people quickly, it puts my faith back into humanity and gives you a real honest sense of how the people of the world really are (as opposed to what the media would have us believe). There’s nothing quite like a random cuppa tea time with a total stranger.”

Making the move to being a full-time musician has been hard, but Kelly’s loving the challenge and would advise people to follow their hearts.

“The best advice I’ve heard for creative people is – if there’s anything else you like doing just as much, go and do that – because there is no balance in a creative lifestyle and it’s really hard to get anywhere. But if music is the only thing and you can’t imagine doing anything else – then I’d suggest stop comparing yourself to everybody else.”

“Music is such an expression of who you are, and talent is totally subjective so I would suggest directing that negative energy from wondering if you’re good enough and into putting in the work and being your best you. Every artist I see crushing it at the moment on the independent scene are the ones putting the work in – often not the best vocalist or instrumentalist or songwriter – but working their butt off regardless because they love it and can’t imagine doing anything else. If you want to make music full time you’ve got to go get it yourself and stop waiting around for anyone to hand you a career on a silver platter.”

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‘As Long As There’s A Smile’ Single Tour

June 24 – Three D Radio, Studio Show (Invite Only) – Adelaide (Live To Air)

June 29 – Martian’s Cafe, Deans Marsh
Free event

June 30 – Westernport Hotel, San Remo
Free event

July 1 & 2 Newport Folk Festival, Newport
Free event

July 15 – The Wesley Anne, Melbourne
Facebook Event

July 16 – The Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo
Tickets on the door
Facebook Event

July 20 – The Commons, Newcastle
Facebook Event

July 21 – No 5 Church St, Bellingen
Facebook Event

July 22 – The Music Lounge, Sydney
Tickets Facebook Event