Norway’s Pristine have released their fourth album Ninja via Nuclear Blast, their first with the new label.

This is a big deal, because Lead vocalist Heidi Solheim previously released the first three albums under her own independent label, Pristine Music Productions.

“The first time I met up with Nuclear Blast I asked what they would expect from me and how much say they’d want in the creative side,” Heidi says.

“They just said “do your thing” and do what’s right, they trust me to do the best I can and I did!”

“We were originally a pop band… and not a very good one haha, but I had always been drawn to the 70s and the 70s rock genre.”

Heidi spurred the change in musical style as she is not only the frontwoman of Pristine, but the heart and soul of it too.

The other members of the band are hired guns, but Pristine has managed to maintain a consistent lineup despite this.

“When we started out, we tried the band thing with people doing their own thing, but that didn’t work out at all,” Heidi says.

“I pretty soon found out I had to do it myself if I wanted Pristine to move forward and now it functions with me as the captain of the ship haha.”

“The way we work is that I sit down with a guitar or at the piano and I record a demo on my iphone, then we meet up and work out the rest together.”

Although it’s not always apparent on the surface, there is always a case for sexism in the music industry, even by our own pre-conceived bias.

It’s no secret that most musicians are men and women often feel that they don’t belong, but Heidi says perseverance is the key to pushing through barriers.

“If you think of a rock star you think of a man, even I do that as well, and I think it’s kind of sad even though I never thought of myself as a woman in the music business,” Heidi says.

“You just keep on going, that sounds kind of cliché, but that’s always been my vision even without knowing it.”

You can purchase the new album here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.