Currents have released their debut album The Place I Feel Safest, an intense marriage of Metalcore and Djent.

Brian Wille joined Currents as the new vocalist in 2015, joining Jeff Brown (drums), Chris Wiseman, Ryan Castaldi (guitar) and Dee Cronkite (bass).

This is not only his Wille’s first album with the band, it is the first full length album for the five-piece from Connecticut.

“This is a collection of my whole life up to this point, before this I hadn’t been in too serious of a band or written an album,” Brian says.

They had previously recorded 2 EPs with their former vocalist, but the band struggled to find satisfaction with how their sound was going.

“When I joined, we didn’t really know what we were gonna do, they didn’t know what I could do or where we should go,” Brian says.

“We had to re-assess everything and we figured out what we wanted to do, which led to the first song “Withered” which we put out a music video.”

Chris Wiseman is the driving force behind the band’s songwriting, as he’ll deliver the riffs that develop into the skeleton of each track.

Wille’s vocal lines are written by him at the end and it’s his personal touch that comes from his darkest introspective thoughts.

“Chris will pick our brain as to what we’d like to hear, then he’ll get right to work and there will be some back and forth,” Brian says.

“The beginning riff of Night Terrors and there’s this pre-chorus riff in Dreamer, when I heard those two riffs I was like ‘Give them to me now right now.’”

You can purchase the new album here or via bandcamp.

By Nutman

Photo from facebook.