German metal band Edguy are releasing double CD/DVD package Monuments on July 14, to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.

The live show featured on the DVD is from Sao Paolo in 2004, as well as video clips released by the band over the years.

Guitarist Dirk Sauer says this was one of the band’s best shows and they’ve been sitting on the footage for over a decade.

“South America has got the greatest fans in the fucking world, it’s just like that; I will never complain about anyone else, but South Americans are much more enthusiastic,” Dirk says.
In addition to CD and DVD, there is a photobook with 160 pages of specifically selected photographs from the band members collections.

“It’s like a birthday present, we were making up our minds on how to celebrate this with our fans, so maybe sharing our memories is the best way,” Dirk says.

“We wanted to create this overview to create this perfect 25 years of Edguy and this selection is a very good turnout to show people what we’ve done.”

“It’s a mixture of everything: the first pictures we ever had taken (from 1992) are included and stuff from everyone’s own personal archive.”

In addition to Sauer, Edguy is comprised of Jens Ludwig (guitar), Tobias Exxel (bass), Felix Bohnke (drums) and Tobias Sammet (vocals).

The album includes 22 hand-picked Edguy classics, five new songs and a previously unreleased track recorded in 1995.

“They [the five new songs] were specifically recorded, we thought about just a ‘best of’ thing, but then decided to make the album more than just a celebration of the past,” Dirk says.

“I don’t remember why we didn’t put it [Reborn in the Waste] on the original record, usually we always put everything on the record.”

The previously unreleased track “Reborn in the Waste”, was tracked during the sessions for Savage Poetry when it was recorded in 1995.

“We had this DAT tape somewhere, so we tried to find someone with a DAT player and once we found one it sounded good,” Dirk says.

“It sounds really good, it’s kind of funny listening to it after those years, but it’s a good picture of Edguy in 1995.”

You can pre-order Monuments here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.