Swirl Records is teaming up with Ghostnote Studios to create Monkeyhouse, a one night only show in the Gunson Street car park as part of the Umbrella Festival.

Ghostnote Studios (formerly Capital Sound) is located next to the car park, and Gerry Bain from Swirl Records said it eventually struck them that it would be the perfect place for a show.

“We’ve hooked onto their car park as part of a wider warehouse and arts community on that street, it’s a cool ground level car park,” Gerry says.

“We thought this is a sick opportunity to do a gig so we put everything we can into making a little festival.”

“We found the owner of the car park and they’ve been really good to us and leased it to us for the 24 hours.”

Surf punk band Dumb Punts and psych punks Hideous Sun Demon are the headlining acts for the show, the latter was a huge win for Gerry.

“I’m over the moon to have got in contact with Hideous Sun Demon, even when I first started getting into the music scene I wanted to get these guys involved,” Gerry says.

Horror My Friends, Siamese, Goon Wizards and Hot Mess will also be adding support for the show, providing local flavour to the mix.

“Horror My Friends are doing some cool things and they got a new album coming that was recorded at Ghostnote as well,” Gerry says.

“Siamese and Goon Wizards are our two signed bands and there’s also Hot Mess who are bit more emo-y, but with a cool post-punk vibe as well.”

Getting the city behind it wasn’t an issue as Adelaide continues to make a mark on supporting artistic talent and hopefully residents follow suit.

“It’s been really funny, everyone that we have spoken to has been behind it and has made it happen really easy,” Gerry says.

“It’s important to support your local, we’re all about getting local bands, local brands and local people involved in the whole music industry.”

“I know it’s winter time, but that’s the point of Umbrella, it’s getting local Adelaide music culture and celebrating the fuck out of it!”

You can purchase tickets here or connect with the event on facebook.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.