Rage are releasing their new album Seasons Of The Black on July 28, only 14 months after releasing their last album.

Frontman Peavy Wagner (Bass/Vocals) says this is the type of quick turnaround the German band are known for, as this is their 24th album since forming in 1984.

“I would describe this new album as being a twin as to the Devil Strikes Again, as both were written and recorded in such a short distance,” Peavy says.

“Lots of the songs were written in the same run, so they appeared to me like they belong together and were in the same direction.”

“We’re having a really good run right now, working with my friends Marcus and Lucky for two and half years.”

Marcos Rodriguez (guitars/vocals) and Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos joined in 2015, and instantly fit in with what Rage are about.

Both guys knew the band going back to their teenage years, so they were familiar with the sound and history of Rage.

“It’s a fresh lineup and both guys are my longtime friends, we already know each other so much longer and its inspiring play with people you really like,” Peavy says.

Rage have now started recording all their music at Rodriguez’s own studio, which has helped sustain the band’s creative load.

The flexibility gives the band the ability to demo and finalise songs whenever they want, rather than waiting for set studio times.

“He’s [Rodriguez] a fantastic guitar player, he calls himself “the melody man” he prefers to have a good melody before doing something flashy,” Peavy says.

“He wants great songs like me, plus he’s a really experienced studio guy, so we don’t need any outside producers.”

Lucky had previously worked in the automobile industry in Germany, but now works managing bands, including Rage.

“Not only is Lucky a fantastic drummer, but he’s also the manager of the band, he’s structured everything we do more professionally.”

“He’s studied everything about management, he knows how to do professional business and this very helpful for our business structure.”

The new album is only part of the new push from the band, as they continue to push for more international shows, including Australia.

“We’ve found a really serious promotor and we’ve set up a couple of shows next year for March and we’re close to announcing the dates,” Peavy says.

Seasons Of The Black is due on July 28 and can be pre-ordered here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.