The Adelaide Repertory Theatre is staging the Australian premiere of Our Boys, an explosively funny and tender play about six handsome young soldiers recovering from action in the line of duty.

Based on playwright Jonathan Lewis’ own experience as an army scholar, the comedy has won awards on the West End including The Writers Guild Award for Best New Fringe Play.

Five soldiers are killing nothing but time in a claustrophobic military hospital, as they
recover from injuries in 1980s London and Belfast. Their comical daily routine of TV,
wind-ups and banter is challenged by the arrival of a young officer on their ward. Their
friendships are threatened by a dangerous incident and an act of betrayal. But who has spilt the beans? With charges of misconduct looming, accusations fly and the fighting really starts.

Director Dave Simms wants audience to like these playful lads and see each of them learn the true meaning of loyalty. “Through all the wise-cracking one thing becomes clear for our boys,” he said. “You don’t do it for Queen and Country, you do it for your mates.”
Amongst all the ‘boys will be boys’ behaviour, Our Boys is also agonisingly honest about theArmy’s neglect of our wounded heroes, and displays the deep camaraderie that gets them through the worst of times.

Friday 1st September will be a charity night to benefit Soldier On. Part proceeds from the
show will be donated to the charity, which supports Australian men and women who have been physically or psychologically affected by their service.

Our Boys runs from August 31 – September 2 and September 6 – 9. All performances commence at 8pm plus a 2pm matinee Saturday 9th September. Pick up your tickets here.

By Josh van’t Padje