Oceans Ate Alaska have released their latest album Hikari, with the band utilizing influences from Japanese culture and instrumentation.

Vocalist Jake Noakes says it started with the track “Verdical”, after drummer Chris Turner was messing around with different sounds.

“Chris is the brains behind the music and one day he got some new Pro Tools plugins of Japanese instruments,” Jake says

“He was doing a calm instrumental and James came over to lay down guitars as a joke, but it ended up sounding really good.”

“We like to have a constant running theme to our albums, last one had an oceanic theme to it, as it was our debut album.”

Jake is full of praise for Chris, not only his drumming ability, but he considers Chris the brains that sets up the foundation of the band.

“Chris is one of the most talented musicians, not just in his playing, but in his aptitude and mindset towards music, he’s very clever,” Jake says.

“I come to the table with my ideas and lyrics already written, I’ll sit down with Chris and go over patterns, since he’s clued up on rhythms.”

“Straight away he’d say if I had used a vocal pattern before in a song, he’d tell me and identify a different way to do it.”

The rest of the band is filled out by Mike Stanton (bass), James Kennedy and Adam Zytkiewicz (guitars).

“We’re really hoping to go over to Japan and that it will go down well, we have a big following in Australia too,” Jake says.

The new album Hikari is out now and can be purchased via the band’s website.

By Nutman

Photo from facebook.