Belphegor have released their new album Totenritual, nine brand new vicious tracks of demonic, satanic fury.

Frontman Helmeth Lehner says they avoided sticking to a formula and created their most brutal offering yet.

“The drums are uttermost blasting with loads of breaks and tempo changes and the bass is like a panzer tank rumbling through the terrain,” Helmeth says.

“If you’re into extreme music then you should check it out because this album is something outstanding, in my opinion, in a stagnating scene nowadays.”

The album was recorded by Jason Suecuf and mastered by Mark Lewis, Suecuf’s work with Deicide is what caught the attention of Helmeth.

“This time we wanted to work with a new producer, because we don’t like to stick to a formula because it gets boring,” Helmeth says.

“It’s the best sound we’ve ever had and you hear every detail, even the bass, which was always a problem for us.”

“The bass was not always good because the music is so fast, but he made it all sound brilliant.”

Belphegor made headlines after they were assaulted by Anatoly Artyukh, the orthodox activist and assistant to Vitaly Milonov, the deputy leader in Russia’s State Duma.

“What happened with that, I can’t stand this question anymore, I don’t want to make it a big part of the Belphegor history,” Helmeth says.

“Some people take us seriously and of course you meet some degenerates along the way, people can be crazy and dangerous.”

They have toured Russia many times before, even getting pepper sprayed, but Helmeth says they will aim to return there in 2018.

“Hopefully shows aren’t cancelled because of low lives like that, I hope people like that never get into power because books will burn and art will not be allowed.”

Helmet didn’t confirm any plans for an Australian tour, but says the band hope they can do it in 2018.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Australia, metal maniacs over there so we really want to march in and play there for the first time, it’s the only continent we’re missing!”

“India was impressive and China too, it’s always a new challenge when you march in to a new territory, you don’t expect them to get wild and crazy.”

Belphegor have released Totenritual and is available here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.