Angus and Julia Stone debuted their new album Snow to Adelaide’s fans at Thursday night’s sold out gig at The Thebarton Theatre.

The home-grown brother and sister duo had fans lining up around the block waiting to see the indie-folk darlings perform their new album with its kaleidoscopic and transportive sound.

Opening act Ruel set the tone by belting some pure vocal mastery, showcasing his angelic voice and all-around talent. The 14 year old’s silky-smooth vocals are super-dooper impressive! While most of us at 14 were dealing with braces and unfavourable fashion choices, Ruel is owning the stage and blowing away audiences and listeners alike.

The up-and-comer opened with a powerful cover of Major Lazors’ ‘Powerful’ and also singing his first ever recorded song which debuted on artist (slash mentor) M-Phazes’ Golden Years. Ruel was first discovered by M-Phazes when he was 12-years old and has since been taken under his wing as his prodigy, developing and refining the young talent’s instrument – his voice (watch this space). Ruel also debuted a new song ‘Meet Me in The Middle’, which he admitted Julia Stone helped him to write.

Ruel is probably best known for being the youngest artist ever to feature on Triple J’s Like a Version delivering an absolutely life-affirming rendition of Jack Garrett’s Weathered which you can watch here:

Angus and Julia took to the stage as if under some dreamy winter-esq enchantment and the audience would soon be bewitched under the very same charm.

The Australian sibling indie-folk pair formed back in 2006 and since then we’ve made them the stars of our universe as they’ve captivated audiences with their instrumental talent and plethora of atmospheric and spellbinding songs.

Angus and Julia Stone have always written songs separately when collaborating on previous albums like on A Book Like This (2007) and Down the Way (2010) until their new album Snow in which Rick Rubin encouraged the pair to sit down and write together. This self-produced record is the first (of perhaps more) in which the two buddy-up to deliver some emotive, multifaceted song writing and sonic sound.

The frosty yet captivating ambience of Triple J’s latest feature album Snow was truly the star of last night’s show as Angus and Julia hid in the darkness allowing only their music to be the focus.

The dimly lit stage created the mood which suited their new songs, while the visually captivating backdrop purveyed psychedelic imagery as if lifted from the pages of C.S Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.

They opened with ‘Baudelaire’ from their new album as well as showcasing other (soon to be) new album favourites such as ‘Make It Out Alive’, ‘Chateau’, ‘Bloodhound’, the hauntingly beautiful love song ‘Nothing Else’, the noticeably catchy tune of the evening ‘My House Your House’ and of course the title track ‘Snow’.

Angus and Julia not only showed off their new songs but also their incredible multi-talented musicianship as they shifted from instrument to instrument. Between the pair, it seems their able to play every gadget under the sun including (but not limited to) the guitar, the trumpet, the harmonica, the banjo and even the cigar box.

Both Angus and Julia delivered show stopping trumpet solos (one took place during a throwback to A Book Like This with the song ‘Private Lawns’). The duo did take us back to some older album favourites with ‘Big Jet Plane’ and ‘For You’, however they were both slightly different versions to the album originals as it was renditioned in the same mood as the rest of Snow – earthy and intimate.

Thursday night’s Thebarton show was a fantastic display of pure emotive talent and lyricism with the only flaw being that Julia Stone’s captivating vocal capabilities are to a fault as she tends to outshine her brother Angus Stone who appears to (at least on a large number of songs) be a mumbled reply to Julia.

Reviewed by Daisy Sumersford