It may be hard to believe in these media saturated days, but there was once a time when the only place you could hear new popular music in our fair city was on two or three of the stations residing on the AM dial of your transistor radio.

Chances were that, at any given time in those early years of the Seventies, the ubiquitous sound of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s story songs – especially Nothing Rhymed, Alone Again (Naturally) and Clair – could be playing simultaneously on 5KA, 5AD and 5DN. There was simply no escape from Gilbertmania!

O’Sullivan enjoyed huge chart success in Adelaide, scoring seven Top 25 hits between 1971 and 1974 with his catchy pop confectionery, Ooh-Wakka-Do-Wakka-Day; Get Down; Ooh Baby; Why, Oh Why, Oh Why and Happiness Is Me And You.

These songs have become staples on classic hits radio in the ensuing years and have a secure place in the hearts of many Adelaideans, a fact which should ensure frantic box office action once the news that the Irish songsmith is heading to Adelaide’s Festival Theatre on Tuesday 20th March 2018, as part of his first ever full band tour of Australia, gets out to the masses.

Over the last few years, O’Sullivan’s profile has been raised significantly through his return to the world of touring and by the fact that his songs have been covered by artists of the calibre of Neil Diamond, Diana Krall and Michael Buble.

In September this year, O’Sullivan played to an audience of over 50,000 people in London’s Hyde Park so his return to live performance cannot be called small scale!

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s 50th Anniversary Tour will see him performing 11 dates across all major Australian cities.

Let’s hope that amongst the crowd-pleasing hits at his Adelaide show he also finds space to slip some classic album cuts such as Permissive Twit and What Could Be Nicer (Mum The Kettle’s Boiling) into his setlist!

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