We Came As Romans are releasing their new album Cold Like War on October 20, a return to their aggressive roots.

Vocalist Dave Stephens says they’ve learned something new every record, and this record combines new and old elements together.

“Musically and lyrically it’s an evolved record compared to the ones we’ve done in the past,” Stephens says.

Lead guitarist Josh Moore previously wrote the band’s material, but this time everyone got involved to create the material.

“The way we made it was so different, being able to take time off and focus on it, as well as all of us being a part of the writing process,” Stephens says.

“Just over the last few years a lot of us and learned how to write and we’ve learned how to bring our own personal interests to the table.”

Keyboardist Kyle Pavone produces EDM and dance music on the side and the rest of the band encouraged him to re-incorporate those elements back in the sound.

“I think one of the biggest differences is the programming, we really went pretty crazy on it, letting Kyle do his thing,” Stephens says.

“Encoder is a crazy sounding dance track with super drop tuned guitars, it’s just arguably the heaviest song we’ve ever made.”

“We got these seven-string guitars out and played them with quarters, so it sounds ridiculously heavy and incredibly intense.”

The rest of the lineup is rounded out by Lou Cotton (rhythm guitar), Andy Glass (bass guitar) and David Puckett (drums).

“There’s a couple of songs that I know for a fact our old school fans are gonna really love, because they’re good We Came As Romans songs.”

The Michigan outfit didn’t reflect positively on the last record and felt it was too melodic, like a rock record.

They became concerned with what fans that had been with the band since the start of their careers would think.

“In the end, we didn’t like it either, playing it live didn’t ever feel right and it just felt forced to us,” Stephens says.

“Our producer researched on facebook asking fans what they wanted to hear from us and the common theme was they missed the electronic elements and heaviness.”

We Came As Romans’ new album Cold Like War will be released on October 20 and can be pre-ordered here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.