To put it simply; Sebastian Bach fucking rocked The Gov in Adelaide on Sunday night! What a voice…and he has still got it!

After being warmed up by local band, The Babes, the crowd already had a good energy and were more than ready to be warmed up with a version of Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’ to start.

You’d think perhaps after arriving in Adelaide at 6am on the red eye from Perth, where the band played a gig the night before, the band may have been a little tired. Well, if they were, they certainly didn’t show it.

Playing Skid Row hits such as ’18 and Life’, ‘Youth Gone Wild’ and ‘Monkey Business’ along with the power ballad, ‘I Remember You’,  they had the audience signing along all night.

Sebastian had a ton of energy to share with us, not to mention the biggest smile on his face as he continued to watch all of us go wild. Drummer, Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot) slayed it rhythmically with sticks in hand upstage. Rob de Luca (On Earth, UFO); absolute legend on bass and last but not least, Brent Woods with so much energy on guitar, spinning out all the solos perfectly.

I was so stoked to hear ‘Big Guns’,  ‘Sweet Little Sister’ and ‘Piece of Me’ – three of my personal Skid Row faves.

It was also great to hear the awesome heaviness that is ‘American Metalhead’; of course changed to ‘Australian Metalhead’ for the shows down under.

After a break, they took the stage again with Sebastian going off on a tangent about wanting a Vegemite sandwich, he and the band started to play Men At Work’s ‘Land Down Under’. I’m definitely waiting for a metal cover version of that song! They finished off the night paying tribute to our Bon Scott with a rendition of ‘TNT’.

This was the first time I’ve seen Sebastian Bach live and being a massive Skid Row fan, I was not disappointed. It’s well worth my ears ringing and my scratchy throat today!

Sebastian Bach’s autobiography 18 and Life is out now – grab a copy and have a read!

“Rock Music is about fun. So if you’re not having fun, don’t rock anymore!” – Sebastian Bach

Review and photo by Hollee Gunter