The Hunna and Coasts will be making their Australian debut, with the tour touching down in Adelaide on Monday, January 22.

Vocalist Chris Caine says the band has no idea what to expect when it comes to visiting Australia, let alone touring here.

“I had a friend who lived in Sydney for a couple of years, she says the people are friendly and welcoming, the food is great and so is the nightlife,” Chris says.

“We’re really excited to come over, it’s always nice going to new places and playing to crowds that have never seen you before, it’s been a long time coming.”

“Ever since we released the first demo we had people commenting on videos coming over, so we know there’s at least one or two people haha.”

Coasts lineup is rounded out with Liam Willford (guitar), James Gamage (bass), David Goulbourn (keys) and Ben Street (drums).

“We’ve known each other for over ten years, we met in college and had been in various bands before Coasts as well,” Chris says.

“It’s definitely been a longer journey than what it seems, we’ve known each other for a hell of a long time so we know each other inside and out.”

“It feels like we’re improving, and our fan base is getting better as songwriters and musicians, and it just feels like we’re on the right trajectory.”

They are touring with The Hunna who are still fresh on the scene, having formed only in 2015 and releasing their debut album 100 in August 2016.

“The Hunna are great, they’re friends of ours and they’re on the same label, it’s gonna be fun to go on tour, we’re pretty much doing a world tour next year with them,” Chris says.

“Their first ever tour was supporting us in the United Kingdom, so it’s gonna be great to go out to tour States and Europe with them.”

While Australia has Triple J to promote alternative music nationally, England has BBC Radio 1, which has broken many of the countries biggest artists to a wider fan base.

Zane Lowe has the biggest show on the network and features the “Hottest Record In The World Right Now”, which Coasts were honoured with.

“It was amazing, you set goals that you want to achieve and getting playlisted on Radio 1 and getting “hottest record” are some of those things,” Chris says.

“We feel like we are achieving certain goals as a band, like playing those major tours and charting records.”

Tickets are on sale now and are available here. They will be playing in Adelaide at Fat Controller on January 22.

Full tour dates:

Friday 19 January – The Brightside, Brisbane 18+

Saturday 20 January – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 18+

Sunday 21 January – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

Monday 22 January – Fat Controller, Adelaide 18+

Wednesday 24 January – Rosemount Hotel, Perth 18+


By Nutman

Photo from facebook.