With such an impressive catalogue of well-loved songs, it’s probably time we had a Nick Cave tribute show. Doing justice to this legendary material, however, is no easy task. Thankfully, local group, the Dark Seeds are up to the task.

The four-piece present a satisfying selection of Cave’s song, nicely covering his remarkable career with a set of both well worn and slightly lesser known songs. And while there is an appropriate reverence for the material, the show works because it never attempts impersonation.

Starting in an unassuming fashion, the outfit warmed gradually into the show, hitting their straps with a faithful rendering of ‘The Weeping Song’, complete with dual vocal.

The highlight of the set was a searing version of ‘Red Right Hand’, with great use of dynamics and some effective lighting.

The other stand-out was the encore, ‘Jubilee Street’ from the more recent Push the Sky Away, making for a great conclusion to the show.

The Dark Seeds also showed their versatility, engaging in some instrument swapping as the set progressed.

There were occasional moments that did not quite gel as well, but these were only fleeting, and the outfit kept the reasonably sized audience at the Grace Emily with them throughout.

The Nick Cave fans out there have one more chance to catch the Dark Seeds this Fringe season when they play the Grace Emily this Saturday, 17th March, with details here.

3 ½ stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor