With a fantastic new album Easy Dazy under his belt, Fraser A. Gorman is all set to kick off a national tour in Adelaide on August 18 at the Grace Emily.

While taking a pre-tour break on the Mornington Peninsula between a series of support gigs with Paul Dempsey, Fraser spoke to The Upside News about making his second album and his upcoming shows.

“Some bands get this second album dread thing and some bands don’t, but I had it a bit,” he said. “My first record came out in 2015 and I did lots of touring here and in the UK, Europe and America. And when I kind of got spat out the back of that tour, it was like ‘Oh shit, I’ve got to make another record.’ The writing process was a bit long and I kept changing what I wanted to do. But I feel like every time I make a record, I learn a lot about the entire process, and myself and other people.

“As much as it was a difficult process, it’s also sort of addictive, in a way. So, I’m looking forward making my third one now. And it’s kind of a nice feeling to not be new anymore. Once you’ve got two records under your belt, then you’re just one of the many artists in the world.”

As part of this journey between albums Fraser took himself out of the music scene bubble to work as a carpenter.

“I work for a builder in Melbourne. My boss is really cool, and he lets me go on tour and he loves music. So, working in construction is a little bit cathartic. And it’s very distant from music. It’s a creative job, in a sense, because you literally create things. But, yeah, I think I do it to get out of the music scene.”

When it came to making Easy Dazy, the more expansive sound of the record was something that evolved naturally.

Easy Dazy album cover“There was no plan to make this album sound like that, it just sort of happened. I’m fortunate I’ve got lots of friends who are just talented and can play those instruments, like Liam from Saskwatch played trumpet and Stu from King Gizzard played flute. All those people had an effect on the record. I also roped in my friend Dan Luscombe from the Drones, who helped on the first record too.

“The recording process was pretty long and dragged out in a few different places. I had American producer Nicholas Vernhes, who’s worked with War on Drugs and Cat Power, and I mixed most of it in New York.”

If you listen to Easy Dazy and hear the influence of Paul Kelly, there’s a good reason for that.

“It’s hard to not be influenced by Paul Kelly. Listening to his music is like listening to your dad talking in your ear. It’s kind of like the gospel.”

With all this new material, Fraser is keen to start his national tour to promote the album in Adelaide on August 18, backed by his full band.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always had fun shows in Adelaide. Lots of bands have their own whingy town that they don’t like playing, and lots of bands baulk at Adelaide, but I always love it there. And the Grace Emily is a fantastic pub as well, I love that place. I’ve got my full band, so, it should be really fun.

So, is there a particular song from the new album that Fraser is looking forward to playing live on this tour?

“My favourite song I like playing is probably ‘Walking to Oman’s’. Some songs are more torturous to write, or they take a long time. But that song just fell out of my mouth, it took ten minutes. I feel like those songs are hard to catch but, when you do, you’re really  grateful. It’s just a fun song to play it and I get to play the guitar solo too.”

Catch Fraser A Gorman and band at any of the following dates around the country, with tickets to the Grace Emily show available here.

Saturday August 18 – Grace Emily, Adelaide

Saturday August 25 – Anglesea Memorial Hall, Anglesea

Friday August 31 – Howler, Melbourne

Saturday September 1 – Major Tom’s, Kyneton

Thursday September 13 – High Tea, Sydney

Saturday September 15 – The Lansdowne, Sydney

Saturday September 22 – Wave Rock Weekender, Hyden

Friday September 28 – The Foundry, Brisbane

Story by Matthew Trainor

Pictures supplied.