Almost twelve months after the release of Ugly Produce, King Parrot flew into Adelaide for a much anticipated, packed-out gig at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel.

Known for their loud, fast, chaotic sound and stage show, I genuinely asked a King Parrot fan if I needed a helmet before I went. Once he realised I had a legitimate concern for personal safety he stopped laughing at me and said, “Nah, but good luck!”.

So, off I went with my camera and cardigan, minus the helmet. I felt less than hardcore.

This baptism of fire started with fellow Melbourne thrasher heavyweights, Blunt Shovel followed by local outfit Shatter Brain.

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In true fashion King Parrot took to the stage and instantly commanded attention with their quivering riffs and shrieking vocals.

Keeping in tradition, bassist Wayne “Slatts” Slattery had his shirt off before their first song, ‘Entrapment’. Guitarist Andrew “Squiz” Livingstone-Squires donned his best $5 discount store undies as he shredded through ‘Piss Wreck’ and ‘Bozo.

By the time crowd favourites ‘Die Before You Die’ and ‘Frenzy’ had been churned out, guitarist Ari “Mr. White” White was bleeding from the head.

It’s this “give no f*cks”, pure mosh mentality that has fans coming back for more – and more they gave.

Vocalist Matthew “Youngy” Young had the crowd eating out of his proverbial hand, turning the room into a frenzied hot mess.

Numbskull’ saw Matt carried to the bar, ordering a double and delivered back to the stage by the crowd shrieking ‘Dead Set’ word for word. Finally, ‘Shit On The Liver’ had the room jumping in time with drummer Todd “Toddy” Hansen, and just quietly, I found my head bouncing as well.

The Ed Castle gig was the final date on their short tour and these three hard hitting acts certainly left their mark. I highly recommend checking them out as soon as you can.

See you in the pit.

Words and pictures by Katrina Hall