Kingswood, it’s a word that conjures up passion amongst most Aussies. The solid grunt, invariably reliable and iconic lines, they are hard to beat. Then there is the car.

The band’s first studio album Microscopic Wars released in 2014 reached number six on the ARIA Albums Chart and saw Kingswood become as popular as the HQ when it rolled off the production line. Now, with two solid studio albums in their trunk, Kingswood can seem to do no wrong.

So popular in fact, on their last tour back in 2017, Kingswood played two packed out gigs in Adelaide at The Fat Controller. This time around Adelaide was the first cab off the rank for their latest Australian tour, with the band performing last Friday night at Adelaide UniBar to another packed house.

From uni students chanting, “skol skol skol!” to those in their forties, sipping their beer more responsibly, the diversity of the punters who braved the cold August night made the enthusiastic crowd even more palpable.

Front man Fergus Linacre and the Kingswood boys exploded onto stage, kicking the set off with ‘Medusa’, turning the crowd into a wave of screaming banshees.

Tracks like ‘Library Books’ and ‘Rebel Babe’ off their second album After Hours, Close To Dawn early on in the set prepared the crowd for what was to come next with Fergus calling to them, “Are you warmed up yet Adelaide?”

Shredding through ‘Ohio’, guitarist Alex Laska had the audience turned up way past 11 as Fergus passed around the microphone to fans who belted it out line for line. It’s this confidence the band has mastered which has seen them go from strength to strength.

Adoring fans were treated to fresh new tracks, including ‘Messed It Up’ and ‘Hit It Home’ where Kingwood joked, being nonchalant about their release. However, being aloof aside, the band’s reputation for on stage banter and willingness to show personal glimpses into their music making is refreshing where ego could rule.

Hands were thrown in the air as crowd favourites ‘Every Night’ and ‘Golden’ were belted out while Fergus danced around the stage teasing fellow bandmates.

With over 280,000 views on YouTube, it was no wonder their final song for the night was to be ‘Creppin’, leaving the room begging for more as they chanted, “One more song!”.

Kingswood are currently on tour and will be performing to packed out venues across the country for the month of August with their Melbourne gig now sold out.

Check out the photo gallery from the gig.

Words and photos by Katrina Hall