In exciting news for fans of The Paper Kites, the band has just released their new album On The Corner Where You Live with a new music video for ‘On The Train Ride Home’.

Together for a decade, the Indie rock-folk band from Melbourne is made up of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Sam Rasmussen, Josh Bentley and Dave Powys.

The band’s fourth studio album On The Corner Where You Live consists of a range of melodic songs that calm and lift you in the best of ways.

Drummer Josh Bentley says the choice to release a double deluxe edition was made because of the sheer volume of songs the band had written.

“We have a lot of songs up our sleeve that we wanted to give to our fans, but we didn’t really know how to do it. A long, 20 track album isn’t really ideal, especially in this day and age. People get bored with 20 tracks on one album,” he says. “So, we decided to do two. The first album was a surprise drop earlier in the year for fans. We just kind of said, ‘Hey, here’s this album, enjoy it.’ A bit daunting but it worked in our favour, people loved it.”

One of the band’s older songs, ‘Bloom’ brought a new layer of success to The Paper Kites’ career with the song being declared Certified Gold in the US with nearly 700,000 tracks sold across America.

“Honestly it is so bizarre,” Josh says. “It’s for the song, ‘Bloom’, which is one of our older songs; probably our most popular song, which is really bizarre, and also really cool at the same time. To be put in the same basket as other massive artists like INXS, AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, and lots of random big artists from yesteryear, is kind of really weird, but, we’ll take it. Definitely an honour.”

With half a billion streams of ‘Bloom’, Josh says it’s always fascinating to know where in the world people are listening by checking out the stats.

“It’s flattering, that people are listening worldwide. We get all the algorithms and all the stats by the month so it’s really interesting to see what songs people are listening to, what cities they’re listening from and what tracks they like the most. It’s an awesome feature to have on Spotify. These days, we even know the age demographic, which is crazy,” he says.

And for the fans here in Adelaide who are madly streaming The Paper Kites’ music, you won’t have to wait long to see the band live here in SA.

“We are playing in Adelaide early next year, which is really exciting,” Josh says. “We can’t wait to get back over there. We always have a really interesting crowd in Adelaide, kind of rowdy, which is awesome. Our Tour Manager Brett loves Adelaide. He grew up in Adelaide, so he loves going back and showing us all the hotspots where he used to roll back in his heyday. We love coming back to Adelaide.”

And while they love playing here in South Australia, there’s nothing better than a hometown show according to Josh.

“Being from Melbourne, it’s awesome playing in front of family and friends and people that have supported us for a long period of time because we’ve been together for nearly 10 years now. It’s awesome to have people who’ve come on board with us throughout that journey come to the hometown shows and watch us play,” he says.

“It’s also awesome playing overseas in all sorts of bars, clubs and venues all across the world also has a special place every time you play. It’s really hard to pinpoint one specific city or place that we love.”

The Paper Kites have achieved much in their decade in music and Josh has some advice for anyone wanting to start a band and aim towards certified gold status.

“Honestly the biggest thing, or the thing that we always try to stay true to is the enjoyment of music and the simplicity of playing with your friends. Playing with friends and enjoying it is really what it’s about, so if you’re playing in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere or you’re playing in front of thousands of people at a festival, I think the key to a successful career is to enjoy it every day and make the most of it,” he says.

“As you enjoy your music, I think people will find that you can be contagious and will get on board with a band that’s into it, committed, having fun and that will hold you in good stead.”

On The Corner Where You Live is out today and you can grab it from The Paper Kites’ website.

By Zarlia Brown