22-year-old South Australian, Electro-pop DJ Lemendt has released her new single ‘Days’, a perfect addition to your hot summer playlist.

Originally from Murray Bridge, DJ Lemendt (AKA Sofie Georgina Bozzetti) won the UniSA Play Open Day song writing competition and has been developing her music career ever since.

“I was inspired to start taking part in the DJ world because I have always loved music, but I wanted to introduce a little challenge into my life. There’s so much skill and depth involved when playing music electronically that I felt branching into this new side of music would help me grow as a musician,” she says.

“Since I’ve incorporated this as an artist, I’ve now been able to use electronic music to further develop my sound, and even influence my song writing.”

There are many venues available in the quaint yet historically beautiful city of Adelaide, and as an artist, Lemendt says it can be hard to choose a favourite.

“I was recently very lucky to land a spot headlining Sidechain, an electronic event that was held in Adelaide for over seven years. Working with Patrick Lang, who’s behind FutureSounds that created Sidechain, I was able to combine both DJing and live vocals during my set,” she says.

Some of the best music is written in the moment and it took only a moment for Lemendt to write her new single ‘Days’ – well, 10 minutes to be exact!

“Although rhythm and melody come naturally to me, and I’ve been writing for over 10 years, I am still growing within my song writing. I believe I can now really listen to the emotions and messages I’m trying to convey and put that into the format of a song,” she says.

Inspired by a range of artists who helped her to create her sound, Lemendt says it’s the electro and indie scene that influence her the most.

“I’ve always had a plethora of influences in my life, but I do love listening to SAFIA, Rufus, Fisher and Groove Armada – artists who are pioneers in modern electro music. I usually combine my love of electro with my love of Indie artists as well, incorporating Angus and Julia Stone, Jack River and Billie Eilish into my everyday listening for inspiration,” she says.

The singer is still trailing along the journey of self-discovery, in particular the sound of her music. Her new single ‘Days’ has really shown a sense of growth and change in her career and has been highly influenced by a team of experience Adelaide based music producers and engineers.

“I’ve been releasing my singles for about a year now, but ‘Days’ being released marks a huge transition for me. I’ve been able to work with a team of experience Adelaide based music producers and engineers to create a track that’s ready to hit the main stage! As I continue to release more songs, I know I’ll look back at Days as a turning point in my career,” Lemendt says.

You can grab the new single ‘Days’ from Lemendt’s website.

By Zarlia Brown