Feminine forces combat traditional themes in this immersive masterpiece.

Set with a visually stunning backdrop of the Caucasus mountains, Dede follows Dina (Natia Vibliani) along her personal journey of love within the very remote community of Ushguli.

Set to marry one man, in love with another, and more drama on the way, the interest lies not only within the romantic themes that linger, but also how they combat the religious and traditional forms of life within this settlement.

Whilst struggling against the customs of her community for love and family, this powerful film will have you following every step within a matter of minutes.

Nothing sour can be said about the superb casting, specifically of Dina herself. Natia Vibliani brings her to life with multiple layers of femininity, power, sadness and strength.

One for those who would like an internal view to traditional practices, debut Director Mariam Khatchvani brings you into a world unknown to many, and succeeds in captivating and engaging.

Cinematically speaking, this film captures all the right moments in all the right places.

A definite must-see

4/5 stars

Written by Kirra Hussey