Recording artist and relationship guru, Donny Benét returned to Adelaide for his last show of the tour for his new hit album The Don gracing a sold-out crowd of Don fanatics at Rocket Bar.

Donny performed on stage solo, accompanied only by a microphone and keyboard. Once seeing Donny step up on stage alone, some first-time viewers and uninitiated audience members could be forgiven for thinking they had accidentally walked into a karaoke bar. This thought was quickly vanquished once the music began and Donny’s silky, velvet voice filled the room for top single ‘Working Out’.


A magician with the microphone, Donny transported the room back to 1982 performing favourites ranging from The Don to 2011’s Don’t Hold Back. Donny captivated the audience with his suave stage presence, charismatic dance moves and commanding keyboard solos.

Although Donny didn’t have his full band with him, it was a more intimate performance, with fans getting just what they paid for, a one on one serenade from Donny Benét.

Some might find it odd that Donny Benét has such a loyal, cult following which is only growing stronger. However, Donny’s self-aware performance and genuinely hilarious persona create a truly unique and memorable live show.

Photos Katrina Hall