Lachlan X. Morris’ new album Premeditations boasts a 70s inspired rock ’n’ roll vibe mixed with earthy indie beats making Premeditations an easy listening summer album.

For those recently discovering the Newcastle musician, Lachlan was part of the Triple J Unearthed High Winners group The Guppies (2011) and began creating a solo career in 2015.

Already creating a few EPs and single releases, he’s been back in the studio making another album since his first album Ouija Board Heartbreak Tambourine in 2017.

We’re hearing a similar sense of nostalgic rock ’n’ roll’ tracks but Lachlan has introduced outside influences as well as the trusty, yet often over-used, echo effect microphone.

Premeditations has a very cool vibe as the second track ‘Sun Setting (Early Bird Overture)’ begins.

Lachlan highlights themes of the album using guitar and keyboard which remain consistent throughout the album.

Each song introduces a new instrument to tell a story and after the fourth listen you have a sense of nostalgic calmness before suddenly realising the music sounds like that out of The Sims; something to dance to but also be inspired to decorate your life and house!

Just like life, this album also changes direction heading into the fifth and sixth track ‘Body N Soul’ and ‘Turpentine’ and then a slows the rhythms and softens the music with ’Turnstile’ and ‘Gluttony A.D’.

Although it has been hinted the album was to reflect on our over use of technology and how we depend on it, Lachlan’s idea of exploring new ways to make his music and to tell that story was often misplaced by the lyrical deliverance.

Every track has a reoccurring element of voice echo and his pitch somewhat mono, this slight misplacement can make tracks seem juvenile and take away from their true meaning.

However, despite the minor drawbacks and what can only be described as a learning curve to exploring new musical pathways, Premeditations is still a great summer album to be enjoyed time and time again.

Catch Lachlan X. Morris’ new album Premeditations on Spotify and on his website

by Sasha Coomber