It was a wicked time to be had at the Cranka last night, with The Pinheads mixing up a storm for fans and newbies alike.

Ending with the last slot at 11 (after fantastic performances by both Blistar and Wash to begin) this NSW crew captivated with high (albeit cocky) energy from front man and lead singer Jeremy, while being backed by a mix of psych/punk/rock.

Props go to the fans who got into the show, as some melodies were dropped, with a possible loss of concentration or the consumption of one-too-many-bevvies on stage.

A Pinheads show is recommended for those who like to get a bit messy, as running into the crowd isn’t uncommon for a few of the band members. Expect to hear a very droney approach to a revival of the 60’s and 70’s as the band leads you through a night of sweaty-shirtless-theatrics.

For those who are regular to this kind of underground sound, you’ll be pleased with the performance delivered. For those who are not-in-tune with it, prepare to be transported back to the time of tie-dye and chilled nights.

This crew is travelling around Australia at the moment, so get your tickets HERE.

By Kirra Hussey